Hey JP,

Glad to see that the mailbag is going again. Could you please at least have one or two
constructive e-mail in there instead of putting down everybody that dont have much
knowledge towards computer security.

Please have something decent for us to read.


AntiOnline is fillied with literally hundreds of thousands of pages of interesting and constructive things to read. The mailbag is not included in that figure.

To: jp@antionline.com
Subject: Banned.

You, Have banned me from the irc server; irc.antionline.com

I, am user ID0X.

I, have been accused of Abusive behavior, and running a Warez Channel.

I, agree with abusive behavior however... I do not agree with the idea of myself running a Warez Channel. Yes, I did say, and promote a warez fserver, but that does not make its contents warez.

Thats all I have to say.

Well, then, consider, yourself, unbanned, because, of, the, ",warez, fserver, that, doesn't, have, warez, content,", and, re-banned, for, the, abusive, behavior, that, you, admit, to,.

To: jp@antionline.com
Subject: Annoying.

However, I do not agree with being annoying. Perhaps overwhelming in ways, but not annoying. Also, it would be nice if your server gave a list of rules, because I do not see any posted, on your site, or other places.

Thats all I have to say.

I, can't imagine, why, anyone, would think, that you, of all people, are, annoying?

To: jp@antionline.com
Subject: the mail bag

ROFL. i do not know what was more amusing, the emails people sent you or
your responses. that was too much!

Gregory Jones
Associate Information Management Specialist
911th Airlift Wing

I like to think of it as a yin-yang kind of thang.


After filling out the requirements for your registration demands twice to the best of my ability and knowledge, my registration was still rejected. I don't know what it is you want from me; but whatever it is, I've got a few choice words for you that you wouldn't want on your little form.

Since I believe in being a gentleman, I will refrain from using the terms in this email I feel are most applicable to the kiddie survey, so suffice it to say that if you don't want me as a member of your group that's fine with me.

I only went to your website because I was following a link from American Free Press, and thought perhaps I could learn something from you. As it turns out, boyz... I am convinced it's really quite the other way around. By treating all applicants as if they are children you set forth an image of childishness that I find unappealing.

Keep your precious information... and I'll keep my self-respect by never going back to your website again.

Mike Andrews

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out why he thought that our registration process treats him like a child:

From http://www.AntiOnline.com/register.php

COPPA Information
On or Before 05-28-1989 - After 05-28-1989

Hrm. Wonder which one he clicked on? If he's worried about keeping his "self-respect", I hope he doesn't happen past this installment of the mailbag.........

Dear JP,

A few things worth mentioning...

1 the Anti-Online cookie handling system on the board.

I am using an anonimty browser engine that dosnt allow cookie handling, so
when I first logged into the board it was ok, welcome to anti-online.com
members forum. But as soon as I tried to browse the board I started
throwing up windows with Please Login. So I de-tweaked the browser security
settings a little and tried again with pretty much the same result every
So then I tried modifying the User, Options, Settings.. Disable Board
Cookies.. Any luck?


2 IRC Server

So fare enough I thought, I can still chat to you guys on IRC. So I loaded
up my IRC client which use's a pretty tight privacy engine to ensure user
anonimity whilst chatting.

Guess what I got!

You guessed it, On connect to IRC.antionline.com:6667
Error :*** You are not welcome on this server (perm Louie 05/01/02 Wooting
continues) Email jp@antionline.com for more information...

I assume this is due to the time out feature whilst your server was
requesting my hostname and IDENTD which my client would have happily faked
given a few more seconds.

Now thats what I call pretty invasive when you consider that the board is
nothing more than a glorified newgroup forum for people intreasted in
security issues!

Guess I should have expected nothing more from the guys who rat out on
hackers like chameleon for using their board to display unlisted cc

Shame, when you consider that most NewsGroup servers that work on most
web-providers allow anonymous posting via an anonymous-remailer.

I guess i'll just have to stick with chatting to my mates on the more
legally challenged IRC services that allow private anonymous remote
connections as I'll be buggered if I intend to browse your board and
de-securify my browser or continually login every five seconds... It would
seem youve sold your rights to anonimity and all your members rights to
real privacy in the process...

Yours Sincerley;

...All Copyright Drooled Away...
Real Hacking, For Real Hackers (Keepin it Real).

Well, I certainly wouldn't want you to get buggered and de-securify your browser! I mean, what would the Infected-Web-Crew think?

"So I loaded up my IRC client which use's a pretty tight privacy engine to ensure user
anonimity whilst chatting [....] your server was requesting my hostname and IDENTD which my client would have happily faked given a few more seconds."

Is that a fancy way of saying that you couldn't get your mIRC client to connect to our servers?

To: jp@antionline.com
Subject: MDA SCAM

For some odd reason the people that go to your site seem to worship you,I cant see why because you dont have any "special computer skills"and you seem to (from your picture)to look really stupid.

Now you'r using antionline as your own little cash machine and the stupid idiots that frequent your site are so brain washed by your bullshit that you have them giving you money.

Nice scam for a gutless snitch like you,you really need to be careful cause maybe 1 day you will wake up and find your little dogs head in your bed.
You know dam well that if you thought for 1 second that you might really wind up behind bars in a real prison you wouldn't pull this ****.
JP you'r a tasteless ass for what your trying to do.May you burn in hell

Forever yours

Geeze, try to raise some money for a worthy cause (namely the MDA), and look at what you get! "Burn In Hell" "wake up and find your little dogs head in your bed" !@#!@ NOT PIXIE!@#!@#!@ I can only imagine what Jerry Lewis must go through........

Subject: code.
To: webmaster@antionline.com

i have my code, please.

thank you !
stela onet

To: webmaster@antionline.com
Subject: help me

please help me about chat with other person in anticode site and if i have question where i go to ask it from who person in anticode.

To: webmaster@antionline.com
Subject: do it for me

hi man. how do u do?
i want u to find password for this e-mail:
or this one
whith my pleasure.
yours ayman yassin
plz do it for me

To: webmaster@antionline.com
Subject: Account Password Request

Heelo Sir!
i have forgeten my account "AYEHAN" password and also i forgot the email address too coz i use mail id for subscripption are as follow:
ayehan77@aol.com &
ayehan@ayehan.f2s.com (Now Closed i cant Excess here nemore)
and i used all mail idz in ur password request form but no result can u pls send me my password at "ayehan@msn.com"
i will be very thanxful to you


I m LOVE But u Can Call me AYEHAN

Subject: Password
To: webmaster@antionline.com

please this is my email address and i have fogotten my
email address pleas could my User name and Passwod be
mail back to me though this email address.


We at AntiOnline appreciate all of our users who reside outside of the USA. Just please, don't e-mail us.