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    I thought this site was to promote security. But why does it have the virii available for download?

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    Same reason we talk about security holes, exploits, social engineering. You gotta know what the 'bad guys' are doing to protect your self, right?

    make sense?

    BTW- they aren't usable in their current form.
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    Or because JP can get more add money from the script kidz that come to donwload them.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    Alot of people actually have a seperate box just to mess with virii, trojans, etc... on. I am building my new box and I'm taking my old HP and I'm gunna use that to mess with them. Its always good to know how these suckers work so that in the future you know what to expect from them, and how to unload them and clean up after them. If your running a dedicated server and a virus infects it you better know how to get rid of it and how to keep the machine up at the same time. Even though thats close to impossible once its loaded into the memory.

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    There is supposed to be 'spyware' in just about every download here. Think about it....JP worked with nasa. He is now working with the D.O.D from what I know. You do the math.
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    yes I noticed that too. They have pages of viruses and trojans. I have never thought of that I could check them out. I have an old computer that doesn't have any connection to the internet (hacker free!). I could download a couple of these, save them to a floppy, and check them out on my other computer. The only problem is, is how do you check them out without getting infected?

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    The best defence is to know what the offense is up to. Like the old saying goes:

    Keep your freinds close and your enemys closer..................................................
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    You must be infected first inorder to check out. Thats why i have a "crash" computer. That thing has been infected with so much **** its not even funny. One more format and my hard drive will probably go
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    You kinda have a point. Back in the day when I had my own little security. I to had a section where people could view Virus and Trojan types of programs. This is how I set up that section of my site. First I would Give some info on how the program was made. Then I would show a few screen shots of the program. Then I put the programs source code at the bottom of the page.

    In a way I wish this site would do the same thing. There a enough little kids out there with virus/trojan programs. Why supply them with more? There are only a few people out there like us that know alot about security. Just think about all the poor avg. people out there that get hit by this junk every day.


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    xmad : are u gunna make that box maybe into a wargame box?...hehe i would love to have a little box ot just mess around wiht
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