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Thread: Another Happy Customer

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    Another Happy Customer

    Goodbye Antionline.

    It had its moments but now its done. Too many things about this site remind me of high school and the popularity contest everyone played. Its too hard to dig around for the new threads actually worth reading and those that are not. Also, I dont like to sit down and scroll through threads to assign positive points (because I have assigned too many negatives) to get people off of my back. WTF If a post is good I will give + points. If it strikes as a well written and informative post I will gladly be the first to assign positive points. Thanks to everyone for being friendly (IRC) and I will be on my way now. Bless you all.


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    UGH Another "goodbye cruel world thread..." ARGH. >
    At least dont use a misleading title to your thread....
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    Heh...not again. So I guess we'll be hearing from you again in about one, maybe two, weeks?


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    What they don\'t understand.
    When we don\'t understand, we turn to our assumptions.\"
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    I am sorry you have to go. So far, AO has been a great place to me. Good luck and I wish you future success.

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    Well like any community online or offline they tend to have their problems. Some people go completly nuts over ap's(which I could care less about) and some are a pain in the ass. There are alot of people with alot to offer if you give it a chance but latly I have noticed that the board has been going down with useless threads. Just give it some time and things will pick up again. And yes there are overly paranoid people as you may have noticed from your police network thread but they are just making sure there isn't another idiot trying to suck information for lame ass purposes. Well maybe you should give it a secound thought, if you don't decide to stay then goodbye and perhaps I'll see you in IRC sometime.

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    Too bad you had to go. Well, hopefully, you will change your mind and come back.
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    I agree to coming back because the more AO member there are, the better the community works out! We hope you stay and next time, please dont post a "goodybye world" kinda message.

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    ugh, spare us
    - Jimmy Mac

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    If you're hoping someone will beg you to stay...forget it. We have too many coming and going everyday for your absence to make one bit of difference. If you don't like it....there's the door. Stop posting stupid poor me threads, and when someone asks you a reasonable question like jcmcb did, try answering it honestly instead of getting your panties in a wad.

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    Originally posted here by debwalin
    If you're hoping someone will beg you to stay...forget it.
    */Sarcasm - Oh, BogoMips, please stay, PLEASE! We'll miss you if you leave. DON"T LEAVE US!

    No, seriously now, I've been here about six months and have seen about ten of these "good-bye posts" and each one seems to out do the previous, each excuse gets more and more lame than the one before. Bogo claims it's hard to find good posts, well, if you're really into security and are intrested in what some people have to say about it then you will take a couple minutes and look for something "good." Then there was the infamous complaint about Antipoints, if you think you are doing the right thing with your points then do it, don't listen to other people complain.

    Just my two cents.

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