Tired of all of those nasty popups, but don't have the money to buy a program such as AdSubtract? There is a solution for you. It is a program called POW!, and it is made by a programmer known as AnalogX.

The Good
It is a good program for those who don't like closing the popups, but don't have the money to pay for something such as AdSubtract. The good thing about it is that it is totally customizable... good for those who visit sites that have popups from advertisers, but also have popups that come from the site itself (such as http://www.newgrounds.com 's flash movies). Another good thing is that when you feel that another user can benefit from your POW dat list, you can zip it and put the zipped file up online for others to use. I personally have one, for which I will put the address on the bottom of the page. Yet another great thing is the fact that like other pop up killers, it will sit in your system task bar and wait for either a response from you, or a popup that matches an entry in its database to appear.

The Bad
The only bad side about POW! is the fact that you have to "train" POW! to only kill certain popups. Also, I have noted that in order to evade such killers, some advertisers will rename the windows of their popups. And for some sites, the popup barrage is so great that you don't have time to open POW to kill the popups.

The Ugly
Currently, POW does not work for Opera. Also, there is no Linux version avaliable.

Read the TechTV reviewhere.

My POW dat file:
(Alternate Location)
(Alternate Location 2)
See attached.

Where to get POW!