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Thread: A question for you...

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    A question for you...

    We have had an ongoing discussion at our office on the best mid-market antivirus solution to offer our customers. We have been officially flogging CA's Inoculate (InoculateIT, eTrust, whatever) for 4 years now and I personally like the direction it has taken. But, when they recently released their Exchange Agent for Version 6.0, everyone at our office rolled their eyes and shuddered. With the lack of scheduled scans, notification and hard to find logs it is a really poor product.

    Now, we are unsure of what to offer our customers. McAffe with their Groupshield Exchange product is the nicest I've seen for user interface and ease of learning. But, I'm not really sold on the rest of the product line. I've only had experience with Norton's corporate and personal antivirus products but no Exchange products, if they even offer any.

    What are your opinions on the best mid-market solution for Antivirus products? I'm looking for something that will protect Exchange 5.5 or 2000 servers as well as some kind of all out network protection down to the workstation level. Your thoughts would be most welcome.

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    I say the best anti virus system is common sense...
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    Some of all are more or less good AV solutions. I can only advice you to compare the products and do own evaluations since the AV solution we use can be a bad choice for you.

    My personal favorites (today) are Panda Antivirus and F-Secure. Norton is many peoples choice and it's aint a bad solution. Sophos have a nice scanner and have lately come up with some kind of management system and can be worth checking out :).

    Sybari Antigen is a winner but they have only AV solution for Exchange and Domino. I have no experience with Kaspersky but they are gaining market more and more for every day. Norman is the AV you either love or hate :).

    I'll leave the rest for your own opinion, good luck and remember to search AO for the answer to your question since the question has been asked and answered several times :)

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    Norton is many peoples choice
    As micael said Norton is many peoples choice, mine too. If you have experience with Norton CE, then why not stick with it. CE does have an Exchange plug-in (although I have never used it, we don't use Exchange). It does support Win 2000 and if you have a few extra bucks I do like their E-mail Gateway product. It may be a bit more pricey than some of the others, but as the saying go's, 'you get what you pay for'.

    My 2cents.


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