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Thread: Thanks to all AO Members

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    Post Thanks to all AO Members

    Hi AOers and AOettes,

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU ALL.

    You've not only helped me out many times, but you also sharpend many off my skills. When I first came to AO, I was surprised by the real sence of "community". Actually, I'm not here that long, and still I learned a lot. When I posted a question of any kind, I always got your honest oppinion and your best of help.

    Well, that was actually it. Just wanted to say that to you pplz.

    Thanx again. AO will always be my starting page!

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    Ditto :-)
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    I've gotta say, if you want to see a really good site done with Flash, take a look at SickDwarf's website ...

    While I may have cable, so my perception of load times is a bit duller than people on dial up, SickDwarf's page loads amazingly fast for me, and it looks great... It looks like SickDwarf took great pains to make the site as small as possible (to benefit the high pingers), but it still looks great.... I think the load time even on 56k would be quite decent....

    I'd like to say thank you to SickDwarf, for showing that people without really fast connections speeds can still enjoy good quality flash sites, providing that the creator takes into consideration the varying connections that are present on the net.... Most flash sites I've seen recently load at an average speed on my connection, meaning on dialup, your going to be waiting quite a long time.....
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    Haha. . . you had me worried Sick Dwarf. I thought this was another "Thanks for being a friend. . . now im leaving!" Glad the community has been helpful to you.
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    Im with you, Rouge... I braced myself before clicking the thread.
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    I thought he was gonna bitch about antipoints and say people flooded him w/ negs so he was gonna leave!
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    Hehehe, lol guys, lol.

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    i'm tired of people bitching about people bitching about antipoints lol, of course, i was just bitching........

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    Hmm... Sick Dwar... I cant rember helping you... hmm I voted positivly for your homepage

    But I also want say thank you to all the AO-Members, even to the banned, because of
    2 things:

    - I played around with some tools the time before I started here, maybe I was a script kiddie
    that wanted to hack hotmail and so on but now I read so much more interestingt things here
    so that I get bored with my holy tool collection, just deleted it of course the stuff I can learn
    here is much more usefull and Im a little bit proud on me that I could help the firm of my
    girlfriend to get rid off klez.h instead of sending someone this virii.

    - I could improve my English here only by reading a lot of the interesting articles here.
    All my English teachers say so and now Im very hopefull to past my english final test.

    Thank you all.
    You are the best

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    I'm with Sick Dwarf. People here are very helpful. You couldn't ask for a better board, with better people. I also thought this was going to be a 'thank you and goodbye'. People here are the nicest, smartest, and coolest.
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