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Thread: The "Dell Dude"

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    The "Dell Dude"

    Just for fun: can anyone else not stand the Dell Dude?
    (commercial : "Dude you're getting a Dell!")
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    Hey man im with you... I cant stand the kid.... Ok the first few times I could deal with it but god almighty did Dell ware those commercials out... Oh by the way have you heard about "Dude Wear" Dell is going to come out with a collthing line sporting their catch phrase... what is the world coming to? However a sign of relief... today I saw a Dell commercial and it didnt have the Dell dude... So Hurray for that...
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    Dell was the first company I saw providing network drivers in files ++8mb large. Xircom did it 70k - at least THAT fits on a floppydisk (which comes in handy if you can't get on the internet because you still have to download 8mb's of network drivers)... There must be some real geniusses at Dell's ...
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    I kinda like him only for the fact that he's helping me sell Compaq workstations cuz my customers can't stand him.'s a catch 22...I really can't stomach the ads but sales are picking up so while I voted against him, I don't want to see Dell lose the ads either.

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    hate him.
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    Depends on my mood!

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    All I can say is, "Dude, I'm not getting a Dell."
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    i can't stand the guy..

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    I like Dell, have good experience with Dell but that commercial makes me hate hearing the word Dell.

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    I just want to walk up to him and say "Dude, you're getting a kick to the crotch", and then deliver it.

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