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Thread: 2 bugs

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    2 bugs

    1. Whenever I try to assign antipoints (yes, yes, I know I do not have enough positive antipoints to assign any to others) I get a small popup window, but it says that antipoints are for registered users only.
    2. When I try to update my signature, a new window opens up, but it just says antionline, and so I am unable to update my sig.
    Any help?

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    Try log out and log in again , I hope this will help.
    I once had this problem while I was trying to post a message.

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    if u till have problems try cleaning out ur cache, temp, ect ect then relogin in
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    clear your cache and enable cookies .this may help as it helped me

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    I'd say it's something to do with your cookies. Are you using a program like "Proxomitron" or something?

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    What browser are you using? You need to be accepting cookies from this site, then you should be fine...
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    hmmmm this is awfully close to an antipoints thread....but not close enough to get the wrath of my reds...
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    Toker? He's just asking valid questions imho ...
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    i agree with Guss..

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    Make sure that cookies are enabled in whatever browser you are using, and delete your antionline cookie if one already exists. I find that I'm having trouble staying logged in and this happens on different computers/networks but I thought that JP has fixed that bug.

    As for your sig, it might be down to the same problem, or you could try refreshing the page because it might be that it's not downloaded properly. Otherwise, I'm not sure what else could be causing this problem.
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