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    Operating Systems

    Lately I have developed an interest in computer history. I found a web site and started to browse. I am very fascinated at the evolution of computers. At the same time, I have been reading a bit about the history of Operating Systems. For quite some time I have been eager to make my own Operating System. So today I found this site:

    It is writen by a guy like myself who has become interested in operating systems. I then found some other resources on operating systems:

    There is a tone more out there waiting to be discovered. Anyway, I am woundering, has anyone tryed to make their own operating system? I know that the C language was created for the purpose of makeing the Unix Operating System. I have also read about minix being a mini version of Unix. And then we can't forget Linus who with a team of programers developed the Linux kernel. So what I figure is I should start small, like examine how DOS works and go from there. So back to the origional point of this post, has anyone tryed to develop an Operating System, and do you have any thoughts or opinions on my project.

    This post was inspired after the responce from my first post on OS's I am still amazed at the variety of OSs out there and the talented programers who develop and make them possible.
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    Nice sites.

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