hello every1
for the past few days when i connect to the internet using my dial up connection i find to my utter amazement that after some time that my connection gets cancelled and my windows 98 SE OS shuts down with no prior provocation suddenly,,,and believe me this has happened several times,,, i use ZONE ALARM PRO firewall,,, i at first thought tht some hacking activity might be going on bcoz windows can't shut down without suddenly,,, and this happens when i 'm surfing the net and everythg seems fine,, and suddenly in no time a sound comes and oops!!!! my system is shutting down,, then i have to restart it all overagain,,
then i scan ed my drive using norton antivirus 2002 but ntg fishy appeared,,, welll i'm a newbie in this hacking field so i can't take out much juice from this activity,,, so it is up to u guys at AO to help me out form this precarious situation..
thanx in advance