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Thread: Happy Birthday! ( To Me!)

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    Talking Happy Birthday! ( To Me!)

    In case ya didn't know, today is my birthday. You probably hear about everyone's birthday but Im sorry. Im very happy it is my birthday because I finally turn 18!!! Im going to go for my license in around 2 months and Im overjoyed that it's my birthday. Sorry to bother everyone, just wanted to announce it. Why not everyone try to tell here about when they turned 18 and how it felt I guess. Thank you!

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    well today was my moms bday also, i slaved making a makeshift cake for her to be ready for her as a surprise bday party at 0001 today and made it just by the skin of my teeth

    my last 2 bdays have been spent where i dont want them, and without frineds arround, some 18th bday i had! hope you like being 18, i know i didnt notice aything different

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    Cool, hope your mother has a nice birthday! Im sorry no one came to ur 18th birthday.

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    happy birthday boy

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    happy birthday jc when i turned 18 last year it was ok i guess best part i could get served alcohol either than that nothing diffrent
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    happy b day

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    hey.. yeah happy b-day dude.. i'll drink a 12 pack in your honor..

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    You have been writing on your mood for the past week.
    Mood = Happy, b-day is in a week, 6 days, 5 days,....
    Finally HAPPY B-DAY!

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    Happy birthday!!!

    Here's a quick card that I made for you...enjoy!
    (p.s. The Greek is Chronia Polla which means 'many years' and is also used for anniversaries as well as birthdays.)

    Have a wonderful day!!!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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