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Thread: The Heretic

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    The Heretic

    i read this Sci-Fi book by Jason Chapman it is really cool....not truly a technical book but an enjoyable can be read online at
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    I would recommend it, it was very good.
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    I desided to read the prologe. Two days and 500++ pages later, I can say that I like the story. It's not anything fantastic, but it offers relatively good reading pleasure. My first book that I read online. Never thought I'd do that.
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    I have read that book, very very good. I especially like it when they talk about the room with the computers and all the lights and everything like that. I wouldn't mind having that, but then again i sit here all day as it is and dont need to stay here longer

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    Ive read the book several times... I love it...I think that it is a very good read....Some things you wonder if you can do some of the things that are in that book. Ive even heard some stirrings of there acutally being a guild started
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