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Thread: Just wanted to see what you guys think....

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    I heard of that rule, but a pregnant woman with a 23 month old baby?
    I believe if that whas the situation that she wouldn't get charged.

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    I think that people that take up too much room should buy 2 seats. If they cant afford it then either start saving or start going to the gym. But, it itsnt fair for a person who buys one seat to be only able to use half of it because the person by him doesnt fit in his. The number of obese people in the US is very big and maybe this will make some people think about loosing weight.

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    Wow, I could see adding a couple larger seats in the black and charge a couple bucks more... Not as much as 1st class, and without the 1st class service, but to make one person pay double their fare for comfort? Shiznit, should I have to pay for the seat in front of my because my legs are long? I prop my legs so the guy in front of me can't recline his seat. Otherwise my legs fall asleep. it is kind of funny, the rock back & forth a little trying to recline their seat, give you a couple dirty looks, swaer, and turn around pissed off. What can I say? I have long legs, and need some room for my lap top. Tip: sit low in your seat, force your knees against thier seat, and add pressure. Their seat isn't going anywhere. (All I have to do is raise my knees a couple inches, boy do I wish I had the room sit a little lower in my seat.)

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    Being over 6 and a half feet tall, like fakeboy the person in front of me doesn't always get to utilize the reclining mechanism of his chair. I usually ask for a bulk head row or an exit row as they have a few extra inches. But I know what it's like to sit next to a large person. On a 12 hour bus ride, there was about 1 person in every seat on the bus, but the bus seats allow about 2 people, usually. So, this very large lady, on of the nicest lady's I've ever met by the way. She was well over 300 pounds and just under 6'0 I'd say, but I was already having to sit diagnal(sp) in the seat because of my legs. She decided however that she was going to be my companion for the 12 hours trip . Needless to say when the trip was over and I unfolded myself I had to do a lot of stretching to recover. Also just a note after the first few hours of a bus ride people tend to develop an odor.... But as to the paying double for a ticket, I'm not quite sure that's fair. You could sit 2 big people in a row that fits 3 and maybe charge them an extra 50% instead of the full 100% extra. Seems like it would just take a little flag like <supersized> in the computer or something...


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    I think I'll come back out of lurking here......

    This is a simple equation: if 1 seat = 1 ticket, and person = 2 seats, then s = t = 1/2p. For p to equal one, the equation must read 2s = 2t = p. When you multiply any one side of the equation, you must do it to all sides.

    That is the way things work. I'm not getting into ethics here, because ethics don't apply here. If the person needs two seats, they need to pay for two seats. Period.

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    If the person needs two seats, they need to pay for two seats. Period.
    But, by definition, no one "needs two seats". You only need one,
    one seat that is adeqate to hold you. If they make the seats too small
    to hold a human being, that's not the fault of the passenger.

    It's not like they didn't know that not all airline passengers
    are four foot ten and weigh 90 pounds.
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    I am 5 feet tall and weigh almost a hundred pounds...I'm uncomfortable in airline seats. That's why I choose to drive almost everywhere I go. Maybe airlines should consider the fact that there ARE other options for most travel situations. I still feel like this is a bad decision on the airlines part. I guess the fact that the decision is at the discretion of agents at the ticket counter is what bothers me. How would you like to have a vacation planned, only to get to the ticket counter and have some jerk decide you need to pay and additional $500+ to go? I don't know about all of you, but that could put me in a bad spot financially. And what about corporate travel? How long do you think heavy people will keep their jobs if the company can send another person on the trip for half the cost? Regardless of who is better at the job, all of you know that most companies are more money conscious than anything else.

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    the way i look at it ..if you are so big that it takes 2 seats to fit you ,you need to pay for both of the seats..i dont know if it seems cold ,but it just bothers me how when people get that big all of the sudden people treat it like it is some sort of irreversable disability ,and they need all sorts of special accomodations.. i have never been that big, but i got up to 220 at my largest and it got to the point where i was sick of being fat so i got up moved more and ate less.. it just takes willpower and in some cases it takes a little shove to get started..if having to pay double to travel isnt a motivator i dont know what is.
    it isnt cruel,what is cruel in my opinion is pampering people that unhealthily large.(im not sure unhealthily is a word but i think you get my drift)

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    The most important factor when preparing to fly a plane is WIEGHT. Airlines provide a service to move people from one place to another. The more people the more it takes to get the plane off the ground. If the airline is paying for the fuel to get the plane up there then people need to be pay an appropiate fee to fly. I am learning to fly the Cesna 172. Its tough to fly it with 4 average people on board. Hell no with four fat people. I say make them pay for 2 seats if thats what they use. For every ticket sold a certain amount of wieght in calculated so hell ya make them pay for what they use.

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    Frankly, I find this to be a bullshit argument...

    OK, fatty, you are going to need 2 seats to make your flight comfortable...OK, skinny, you are going to need 1 seat to make yourself comfortable...
    How hard is this? It's just a swipe at the public for more money, in the end...but hey, how much is your comfort worth to you?
    If you want a luxury seat, be willing to pay the dollars for it in first class...if you just wanna get to where you're going, deal with the fat guy next to you taking up half of your seat...or have the 'glandular uncontrollable' (including the fried chicken) person buy 2 seats so s/he can be comfortable, and so can you.
    "I'm being discrimintated agianst!" **** you. You're fat, you need 2 seats to accomadate your 'uncontrollabe metabolism'. I don't feel sorry for you.
    Pay your way, or drive...or walk, for that matter, you need a good walk...

    I fit in my Coach seat just fine...
    **** you another seat for everyone's comfort.
    The world doesn't owe you anything, 'glandular imbalance' or not...
    Hell...if the world was full of 6 foot tall, 180 pound guys...the airlines wouldn't have to worry about money for creating 'alternitives for the 'big folk'...but don't make me suffer for your fat ass.

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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