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Thread: What Tutorial are you working on?

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    Lightbulb What Tutorial are you working on?

    As suggested by avdven, here's a thread where you can post what tutorial(s) you're working on.

    I'm not sure if this is the place to put this, but I was thinking a thread should be started (and possibly added to Negative's index) that users could post what tutorials they are currently working on. Then, once they complete their tutorial and post it, they can delete their post within the thread. I thought of this because I was planning on writing some tutorials but found out that GreekGoddess is currently working on some I was considering doing. This way, not only would we avoid duplicate tutorials, but it would also allow people to find out who is working on a specific tutorial and maybe find a way to collaborate on them. Let me know what you all think.
    Since the site doesn't allow you to edit/delete posts more than 24 hours after you posted them, I'll try to watch over it, and delete the post once the tutorial is up.

    Thanks for the suggestion, avdven.

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    Still working on part 4 and 5 of my basic networking series. I think it's turning into a book now.
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    Still working on parts 3,4, and 5 of my Why NT/2k is more stable than 9x/ME.

    And it is turning into a book.

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    C++ Tutorial on pointers, maybe some linked lists.

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    Thought I'd throw in a tut on typical firewall signatures for things such as Real Audio, WinAmp, etc, what ports they access to help ppl sort out things a bit. Also a tut on NT scripts Admin and login stuff a bit beyond mapping network drives.
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    Im working on a revised version of my previous tutorial (Basic Firewall Tutorial). I got a lot's of suggestions about what to cover and what not to cover and I tries to find time to finish the "new" and revised tutorial.

    Im also planning to write something about security policy's, but that work are still far away .

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    Every programming language imaginable.

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    I am working on a tutorial for MAC addresses, their use, security issues etc. Don't know yet if it will all be in one post or not.

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    Think I'll tackle the OSI reference model.
    If anyones already started on one just drop me a pm and Ill find something else.
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    im working on a tutorial on how to debug in c++

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