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Thread: Kremlin site repels mass hack attack

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    Post Kremlin site repels mass hack attack

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    Over 100 hackers tried to break into Russian president Vladimur Putin's new website in the first 24 hours after it went live.
    A spokesman said that the site repelled the attacks, confirming claims by the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information that the site is "hacker proof".

    The Kremlin is unsure of the motivation behind the attacks, and had no knowledge of where they had come from. "It could be anyone, in any country," a spokesman told Reuters.

    The site is a personal vehicle for Putin, containing copies of his speeches, news items and photographs of the president at work and relaxing.

    It took Russian website developers AYAXI 10 months to complete, and launched last week, clocking up 500,000 visitors in its first day.

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    Wow, 100 hackers in the first 24 hours. And I thought we had alot.

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    i think when people make comments like "hacker proof" in this case putin's website, that is almost like giving hackers the green light to hack away. maybe putin threw this out there because he has some way of tracking/trapping hackers. I wouldnt be suprised if there are 100 new files created over at the kremlin.
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    I heard about this on "The Screen Savers," and an unofficial "challenge" was made by the cohost of the show @ the time to put his picture up on the site before the russians figured out that it was hacked. He got a few results, but it was later found that all they did was do a screen capture and Photoshopped it.
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    cool story, i would have thought that one of them would have had an idea that worked.
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