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Thread: GIF vs JPEG

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    Question GIF vs JPEG

    Hm, I've bunged this in General Chit Chat because I couldn't think where else to put it, I'm really sorry if that's bad!

    Basically today was my first day of being allowed a custom avatar so I figured I'd do a little artwork to celebrate. However, when it came to uploading it transpired that the image would only work as a .gif, not a .jpeg, which seemed unusual. I read the earlier threads about avatars but as I recall JP remedied whatever fault users were experiencing at the time so I assumed this was something to do with my files rather than AntiOnline. But what is the actual difference between .gifs and .jpegs? The irritating thing is that the .gif rendition of my avatar has altered the colours badly, giving it a blotchy look where the colours should be smooth. Is this usual? I never use them so I know NAHthing...

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    hmm. I'm not sure, but I know one good thing about gifs is that they can be animated (like my eyeball avatar). Maybe when your saving your jpeg as a gif you can select a quality level (%) like you can in some programs when saving a bitmap as a a jpeg.

    Someone else will probably come along with a better answer than that =]

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    hope this helps

    Gif = Graphics interchange format

    jpeg = Joint photographic Experts group

    check out this link

    It will help you.

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    The JPG algorhythm for compressing image files is generally seen as being quite ``lossy`` and not good with big detail, however JPG files are much smaller than GIF files.

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    ok.... let me explain this

    The problem is between 256 color gif... and a high color set of jpg..

    save ur **** in 256 color jpg (at highest rez) and convert it to gif.. u should be find..
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    Jpeg & gif

    Jpeg is only good on high quality images. Gifs are for web and can have animation.
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    gifs have a limeted color set,you can use either the 256 color set standard pallete, or whats called an adaptive pallete. looks at the picture that you used and notes all the colors in it, if its less that 256 diferent colors used then great, it saves what those colors are and it comes back the exact same, if not then it looks at the easiest to remove.......etc so this usialy gets you the closest to what your trying to do.......

    ok for an avitar, if jpeg is too lossy for you then take a look at ping files (.png) i have a tutorial all about them and comparing them to other photo formats here. you might wanna give that a try.

    also, i dont know and probly doubt this but you might wanna rename the jpeg extention to .jpg insted of .jpeg if it is....... just another idea....

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    Originally posted here by jethro
    The JPG algorhythm for compressing image files is generally seen as being quite ``lossy`` and not good with big detail, however JPG files are much smaller than GIF files.
    WTF are you talking about!?! Not good with big detail!? LOL! JPEG files are much much better than .gif files as far as detail goes. It is a great format because its got good compression and good quality so that you can get a high quality image with a small file size.

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    hurt-conveyor > "WTF are you talking about"? gifs arent used for detail and photo quality. then again jpegs only use is for images that it dosnt matter if detail gets lost...... like over the internet........ the only reason that jpegs are the photo standard is cause theres no better alternitive for compression. you loose image quality thebetter the compression you get in jpeg. simple fact. and i think that anyone on here that knows anything about computer imaging will back me up on that

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    Gifs compression goes like this: it defines a pixel and the number of repetitions of that same pixel (consecutivily) on the line. Only pixel changes are saved. This makes gifs non-lossy (ie: no definition of the image is lost). Jpeg uses complex mathematics to describe the image. This allows for better compression on images that have alot of colors like pictures, but some details get lost in the compression (the image isn't exactly the same after the compression. The algo is lossy). You can often see this when you save text on plain background with jpeg: "artifacts" form around the letters.

    So gifs are better for images with limited colors and limited complexity (ex: website background graphics, cartoons...)

    Jpegs are better for complex images wiht lots of colors (ex: pictures).

    Attached are a few samples that illustrate diffrences in size in compression... it's hard to show lossyness without an actuall picture in bmp/gif/jpeg..


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