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Thread: CP/M (First Operating system)

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    CP/M (First Operating system)

    For all those of you who don't know what CP/M is, it is the first operating system ever made for micro computers. It evolved into 86-DOS and finaly PC-DOS and MS-DOS. I found a neat web site all about it, ceck it out at they even have a system set up with CP/M that you can telnet into.

    telnet 4006

    that should log you into the system and you can try it out. The first version of CP/M suported the 8080 microprosseor. The fascinateing thing is that the person who developed it did not have a 8080 microprocessor to test it on, after the development was complete, he found someone who was willing to conect his floppy drive to their 8080 to test the system out, it worked without a problem first time.
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    Actually DOS came from Q-DOS and CP/M was a competor check http://**** and then read what MS bought and what should make your butt pucker cause there is no regulation on the IT industry.
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    Cool, this OS even has an old version of BASIC on it!
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    Cool, great post man thanks! I was trying the old basic version and messing around with that OS. Thanks!
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    Well, I hate to admit it, but I did use CP/M when it first came out
    Back then it was a case of ordering a self assembly kit for your computer. Next, You got the instructions out and soldered the components onto the PCB - which produced a sort of primitive mother board. If you made no mistakes (frying one of the components was quite common), you ended up with a working computer.
    I think CP/M was ahead of its time, and was certainly popular in the UK with educational establishments for a few years, before it was overtaken by events.
    MS/DOS came out of this, and we all know what happened after that ......
    BASIC was the thing to have at the time (the only other option being assembler), so it did pretty well on the software front.

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    Re: CP/M (First Operating system)

    Originally posted here by ele5125
    For all those of you who don't know what CP/M is, it is the first operating system ever made for micro computers. It evolved into 86-DOS and finaly PC-DOS and MS-DOS.
    Technically (IIRC) it's the first OS made for the Intel family of microprocessors, specifically the 80xx line. I think there are a few that preceed it, however... I've also heard if referred to as like the "third generation" of computers, etc. Still, C/PM was pretty cool at the time, considering... a good upgrade from things before it, I can tell you that much. ;-)
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    I only got on it for about 1 minute (had to go offline), but if you enter ``dir`` it gives a list of commands, kind of like ``ls /bin`` in Linux...

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    My first TRS80 computer was running CP/M and i learn my first programming language over it (Basic). I was a young school boy than.
    Well man, i am crying now, too many good memories!!!
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