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Thread: Farewell!

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    Just thought id write one more last post before i get banned!

    To all you members who were born with a Linux manual in one hand and your moms tit in the other, why dont yous give NEWBIES a fking chance now and again, instead of FLAMING over and over and over?!?

    I really dont know how new members are supposed to survive in this fking DUMP, if the so called members are driving them out for a stupid remark/question they may have made.

    Im really not bothered about being banned, cos ive got a life outside of comps!

    To all the genuine members, sorry for this post!

    To all the wank3rs, do one!!!

    Thank you and goodbye!


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    now... the reason you are getting banned (or could get banned) is not because of people who like to flame newbies... when i look at you last 20 posts... i see one that asks for serialz... there is your first problem... had you read the newbie faq, you wouldn't have gotten flamed for this... then i see one about remote cracking, upon further reasing in that one i find that you had a legit question, but you did not word it properly from the beginning, thus arousing suspicion in many users, whom based on your previous posts, where over-zealous about negativing you up. i must say that i notice that you improved since all that. now, i agree that there are some wankers here, but they generally are not the really good/smart/knowledgable members... anyway... i am all about second chances and i think you learned your lesson, but there is no reason to blast ao becuase you are/were getting banned... that was only caused by some of the posts you made....
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    Im a newbie and I dont personally feel as if Im being teamed by the members of AO. I think its good for you to leave AO because not a single post of yours has been productive. And on that note, Farewell!

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    stupid people ask stupid questions and get stupid answers. but i do have to agree that people are quick to jump the gun and be d*cks. i gotta say thanks for writing that. but at the same time, you didnt understand what this site was meant for.

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    Get a [pong]****ING[/pong] life. We do not discreminate against newbies. yet we do discrimate against **** ass kiddies who cant bloody read 1 page of Q&A's. Incase your stupid brain cant engage here are the rules nice and simple. Be constructive dont ask skiddie questions and ****ING read

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    Dude, you asked about serials. I gave you negs and signed my name, and then you "ask user about this assignment" or whatever? You could've just PMed me.
    Dude, I wasn't born with a Linux manual, and I'm actually not even that good, but when you come to a security site and ask the type of questions you did, what more can you expect?

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    lmao red, uve goto remember that everyone started off as a newbie, i belive theirs a good post about posting in threads and how to and how not to do it, here`s the link everything i was gonna say is in here


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    When I started out as a newbie at this site I found nothing but helpfullness and cooperation. I found a real sense of community.

    If you are getting flamed it is because you don't read, or don't post intellegently.

    I certainly know very little about comp security and the reason I love this site is that I am learning about it more and more, from READING first.

    I certainly don't have fantastic posts, or any tutorials to my name (unless you want car tutorials LOL) but at least I take the time to learn the hard way. You will not get easy answers here.

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    I guess some people just take negs and flames the wrong way. I've gotten flamed a few times, and been dealt out negs too, but I didn't flip out over it, I figured out what I did to warrant the reaction (which was pretty stupid I might add, but I just wasnt thinking at the time) and learned not to do it anymore. This site is one of those deals where "You get out of it what you put into it" If you post helpful stuff and don't ask the wrong questions, and are willing to spend time reading, then the site is amazingly useful. If not, then things wont work out.
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    I believe, that taking a bad neg for him was bad for him since he does take it the wrong way. He also needed to know that this is a security site and not a warez/serial/haking site. that is the problem with lots of people who get banned -- They dont understand that this is a security site with security discussions and security guru's. This, however, IS NOT a warez or hacking so where you learn to hack. I hope everyone realize's this ( especially the newbies )

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