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Thread: Steal This computer book 2

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    Steal This computer book 2

    I've just read this book and it's great for beginners on everything from virus' to encryption. Great book with lots of humor in it as well.

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    Yes, that is a great book...


    Is your computer safe from computer viruses, Trojan Horses, electronic con games, and malicious hackers? Do you know how to protect yourself against online harassment and stalkers? No matter how secure you think your computer is, it is still vulnerable to a variety of attacks that could steal your data, wreck your files, harass you personally, or even hoodwink you out of thousands of dollars.

    To help you protect yourself and your computer, this thoroughly updated edition of Steal This Computer Book guides you through the possible attacks and pitfalls you face on the Internet and reveals the techniques and tricks that hackers could be using on you right now. Straight from the hacker underground, you'll learn how to:

    Guard yourself against Trojan Horse programs, worms, and dangerous viruses
    Protect your computer from on- and offline security breaches
    Shred files beyond recognition
    Protect yourself and retaliate against online con-artists, harassers, and spammers
    Use computer forensics to recover deleted data
    Encrypt data and mask your identity online
    The CD-ROM includes anti-hacker and security tools-including encryption tools, virus scanners, Trojan cleaners, firewalls, intrusion detection programs, computer forensics tools, and much more.

    Steal This Computer Book will inform, educate, and maybe even shock you with the methods hackers use to crack the defenses of even the most secure computer. With this book, you can protect yourself and your computer from the dangers lurking on the Internet.

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    did anyone else get the cd-rom for it to work, i put it in and it kept bringing up my cd writing software... ?

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    i skimmed through the book at a bookstore didn't buy it but it was pretty good

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    I couldn't get the cd to work either, but my friend said that it opened on his mac.
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    How much does it cost?
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    The reason that the cd does not work is because it contains an image file, this may be why it keeps bringing up your cd writer software. The people who made the cd either purposely burned the image onto the cd to hassle us or made a error in burning the image to cd. There are various programs out that can read the contents of the image or you can use burning software such as nero to burn the image onto another cd properly. Hope this helps.

    The book and cd run for $24.95
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    get Daemon tools, a good fake-cd prog
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