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Thread: Microsoft Xbox HACKED!!

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    Thumbs up Microsoft Xbox HACKED!!

    [flip]LoL[/flip] Well someone put another OS on the Xbox heh. Guess what OS it is.......
    HINT: It starts with an ([blur]L[/blur] ) and ends with an ([blur]X[/blur] ) hmmmmmm???
    I love it when people mess around with hardware and get it to do what it was not made for "heh"..

    [shadow]For more info check this out!!! [/shadow],00.html

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    That is old news. And since you didn't say anything about it, I'll try to fill people in. Some guy made his xbox run linux, so far all it really does is show tux. By tux I mean a penguin. Nothing big so far. BTW this is old news.

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    Are you sure we are talking about the same person here?? I am not talking about the DUDEZ that make the mod chips just to play copied games. This guy did !WAY! more then just put NIX on an Xbox.. Thats the easy part. Now modding it so you will be able to put nix on it. Thats the hard part. Check out his web site to see what ells he found out about the Xbox...........

    I don't consider ("bunny") instaling nix hacking. It's the way he did it and all the other stuff he dicovered or i should say uncovered I think is cool.......

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    I know, so am I. It is old news. Very old news.

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    I posted a bit on this some while ago here. In an update to that story: I have seen an XBox running code that has not been validated by MS - very cool: there was this guy playing on an XBox without cover, with in it a lucifer box containing a cmos, soldered to the mobo
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