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Thread: internet attacks rise

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    All it takes is one person, with a cable modem, and a little knowledge to d/l a script and run it to perform an attack...

    PS I know of a 12 y/o kid that wrote one of the best peices of box software for phreaking(Phone Tag). God I love that little peice of software
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    One word of advice... Never underestimate the enemy. They know alot more than you think.

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    One of the main reasons some attacks are against home users is just to put trojan programs on them,then the machines become Zombies.And its not hard to get a home user to take a file theses days with chats so open to recieving and sending files.A so many bored teens and older so called "mature" people online.Yahoo an several other chats are perfect examples of a lot of idiots running lose.And it's so easy to lure lonely ,insecure people into some of the so called "hacking" groups.I am not a hacker but have known some,and have'nt and the ones I knew did'nt spend 90 percent of thier online timelooking for members to join a online gang.They were busy "learning"As for the types of machines they use ,dont know if its true or not but our new wave of wanna bes are buying an upgradeing p/cs to win.Xp

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