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Thread: What Would You Do Without A Computer?

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    Wink What Would You Do Without A Computer?

    I searched the forums for this question, and did not find anything regarding it. Anyway, I thought this would be an interesting poll to ask you guys because I was asking the same question myself when my wife told me, "I wish my face was made of plastic and glass, and maybe you will pay attention to me more, it seems that box is your best friend..." it made me feel really bad, but she was right.

    What would I do if I did not have the computer anymore? No net, games, IRC, Linux, mp3's, GIMP,Paint Shop Pro, KyLiX, Dreamweaver, KDevelop, forums, and things I like to do all the time that encompass hobby as well as production. Man, I do not know what I would do... read a book, fly a kite, get the eaves painted on the house...

    ... or simply go mad because I do not have AntiOnline IRC or talk about keeping up with the lastest thread about XML parsing. There I will sit... shaking, shivering, drooling, and having constant obsessive thoughts on how I will get my next computer fix.

    I hate to admit it. I am addicted to my computer and I would simply cry if it were gone.

    What would you do without one? I posted a poll

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    I would go fishing in the atlantic. Bag my self another marlin or sailfish. Its been a while. heh

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    There's no way I could live without mine (although my wife would have me think otherwise). I'm too much of a gamer to give it up. Some people have cars, I have my computer. Sure, I'd find other things to do, but would they be as satisfying (well, almost all of them?)?

    Sometimes I just need to hear a system beep just to get through the day. ;-)
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    NO AO, no games, no all the nice things that make puters addictive!!!!!
    Iwill lose it totaly
    Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.....

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    I think I will be walking, just walking and walking back. Just as long till I've a new computer...
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    you guys still have your wife besides your pc, and i don't even have a wife, i think i will drop dead at once without my pc.

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    oh that's an easy one.

    i would need to be fitted for one of those ever so lovely, close fitting white jackets. you know...the one's that come with their own padded room. LOL

    no AO, news, games, there wouldn't be much left.......
    just making some minor adjustments to your system....

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    I would do exactly as I do now. Most of my work is what is now called word processing, and most of that is done on my old 1940 Royal typewriter. The computer is here solely because some places demand floppy discs rather than paper. The computer is a necessary evil that, most days, is never turned on.

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    I would loose my little bit of sanity that is hidden in a floppy mann...

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    I went to arizona not to long ago and I took a laptop but the modem wasnt working.. i went TWO days without the internet or any decent programs...

    I thought I was going to go ape sh1t.

    i cannot live without a computer and internet access.. or i would more than likely go completely insane.
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