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Thread: The C programming Standards - Tutorial

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    Lightbulb The C programming Standards - Tutorial

    hello everybody a good day to all,
    the tutorial which i am posting basically deals with the programming
    standards in C language programming.
    i am sure it will help all of us to make our code look very eligant
    ,readable and professional.
    thanks ..
    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    gW Intruder! I can now find my way around my own code :-/ hehe... keep up the nice tut's

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    Nice tut. Could you please post the source.
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    Nice! It was interesting reading

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    hello all of u and thank u very much for the appreciation...
    ok... well i have just compiled the whole document... but it was like
    this.. there was a lecture in our company on C programming Standards
    and some external people came to deliver the lecture, and at that end
    we got some printed notes.. and the points which i noted down while
    the lecture.. so then i studied all these things and compiled it into
    one single document which i posted ...
    so cgkanchi what source u were asking for do let me know .. if
    possible i will post it or i will send it to u via mail..
    because everything i am having is on paper and nothing is soft copy.

    well thanks once again.. all of u for the appreciation..

    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    Very Nice tutorial

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