Hey everyone… I just wanted to tell you guys about a project I was thinking about doing. With this “project” I want to incorporate a very elaborate security system (e.g. hardware lock & key + software, I guess any off the shelf program will do) and make it completely original design for a computer system. -HEH- Ok here is where the crazyness begins… It started the day I was trying to fix my NES. I found out that a lot of old video game consoles stop working because the metal pins that come in contact with the game cartridge get bent up and away over time which stops the system/game from working. For example instead of the system slot looking like this


It looks like this


(The end of the game card will be sandwiched in between these pins ha or U’s I should say.
Blowing on the end of the game cartridge can not fix this )

For more details about this go here http://www.classicgaming.com/feature...les/nesrepair/

Anyway… In the middle of trying to fix my console I forgot that I had to get some CD-Rs. There was this really cool deal going on 50 CD-Rs for 19.99 . So then I ran to the store thinking maybe they were all sold out but no “feew” the store had some left. Heh ok I am waiting in line to pay for my stuff when I looked down at the glass and saw a motherboard on display. I noticed it was small hmmmmm.. ……pause on account of me being slow……then BOOM! “Small enough to fit in my NES box” I said to my self. Instead of fixing my NES how about giving it a MEGA UPGRADE!! lol This would be the best case mod ever ha. You flip up the top flap of the NES and you will not see a slot to put in the game but a CD-ROM.

SO I got back home and looked at the NES case again and I realized the power supply, ram, vga to rca video card, hard drive, nic, fans, CD-ROM + the motherboard and so on would not fit all together but this is a easy problem to solve. I could just put a plastic panel in the middle of the two original case pieces to add room. Now I wanted to ask for your opinions on securing it and/or design tips & warnings. Heh for now I will call it “PROJECT FIRE-HAZZARD”. Do you people think I should paint the outside of it or leave it looking like a Nintendo so no one will even suspect it’s a computer. I guess its still a normal computer so putting BSD or Linux will fix the software side of things so maybe discussing how to implement a physical lock & key system will be sufficient. Well I might put XP pro on it to play games also. Is there a way of password protecting lilo or grub. Any ideas for this project will be greatly appreciated. I also want to know what you all think of this aaakarazy idea.

Picture this LOL my friend comes over. We are in my room and I ask him to put my Super Mario 2 cartridge in the NES. Then he smacks me for not wanting to play GTA3 or Metal Gear Solid 2 on my PS2. I jokingly call him a ****ing bitch lol and tell him to put super Mario 2 in now! He opens the flap of the NES and sees a Creative 12X DVD-CD-ROM faceplate. The look on his face will be priceless!!!!!!!