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Thread: mandrake linux gaming edition

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    mandrake linux gaming edition

    hello ppl
    here`s the question im making the best decision of my life *turing to nix* in a week or 2 but the only product vendor near me only sells mandrake gaming edition *cant download 56k* az i said i cant download any linux distro cuz im on a 56k dial up and it would take to long to d/l so has any one here had personal expireience with this linux distro iv`e read up on it but what im looking for is people that has personal expierience with this linux distro any info is much appreciated
    t/y to all that helps in advance
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    If you're on an unlimited account, and your connection doesn't drop too often, overnight should be long enough for an ISO. Also, what is this mandrake gaming edition? Is it just something with wine and wineX automatically included?
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    I think it just comes with a Linux version of the sims.

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    Linux-Mandrake Gaming Edition comes with The Sims for Linux and WineX to run Windows games. The link is here: I have never run this edition myself, but I heard it is nice. Also, the gaming edition is NOT available for download because of the commercial applications included such as WineX and The Sims, but the price is VERY reasonable: $69 USD. To buy it, go here:

    Hope this helps.

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    I never liked The Sims, but if you need a version of Linux that badly, go ahead and try it. I am sticking to my RedHat 7.3 though. When I had 56k, I DLed my Linux distros at the computers at school. I would just leave a DL going over night, and check it in the morning before school.

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    I have used mandrake 8.2 It is a solid and stable distro. IOf you can only get the gaming edition then go for it!!!

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can do a search on google or on any of the distro's sites for people or businesses that sell Linux distros on CD's for like 5 dollars or whatever the cost of the CD is. Again, I'm not quite sure. Also, I've done some downloading on a 56K before and what I'd do is start it the night before I have to go to work and let it download all night and all day and when I got home from work, it's usually done. At any rate, good luck in your windows -> *nix conversion.

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