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    Newbie Question

    I am new to hacking world and refer to many tutorials, to hack a website I shall do something with the Unix OS.
    So far, I know some extremely basic commands of a Unix OS, and have a free shell account at BUT, I still have no idea of how to hack some website from such account (don't laugh), and eg. how can I hack I need to have a decent chat with an expert via MSN messenger...

    Please reply this lame post, you feedback is appriciated!


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    Do yorself a favor and leave this board. It is not a "how to hack" board, so if you don't want to get flamed, I'd delete the post.

    -The eeshman

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    I am just wondering , what do you think the tutorials ,FAQ,newbie help files etc!!!!!! are there for.Read!!!*#$ it .I t could be healthy.

    Practise what you preach.

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    tsk...another soon to be script kiddie. Ask a more decent question and maybe you'll actually get some help around here.
    script language=\"M$cript\";
    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; } = beginError;

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    This site is about security. Thats the first flaw in your post. The second flaw in your post is that the activities you say a hacker does they donot. Hackers are people who are good with their machines write programs hack linux kernel etc. What you want is known as CRACKING. Get this right and you wont be flamed again :P oh and crackers are doubful to use MSN messenger !!

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    If you do decide to become a cracker, which is a bad idea, don't start with Geocities. I'm not gonna preach about ethics, the reason is that Geocities, I would imagine, is incredibly tight.

    If you really want to learn about the world of security, try channeling your skills and talents into doing productive things for the hacking community, like writing open-source software...etc.

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    I'd propose you subscribe into good old usenet-group alt.2100 . They might have what you're looking for

    Besides: Did you read what this pages are all about? Security and cracking are two things close together but not the same... remember this .

    Good luck on your way (and be careful).

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