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Thread: Secure Transfers.

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    Secure Transfers.

    In the military we are required to use factory fresh media for secure tansfers. This would reduce the chance of an accidental virus outbreak or other related problems. However, our policy states that the media should be factory fresh and empty. If anyone here has ever took a look at a brand new Iomega Zip/Jaz product, you will see there is a small .exe file on each. Is there a product that would clean this file off the disk and still maintain and exact replica of the original format. I do not believe a full format provides the same format track as the factory. The only information I received from the Admin Crew was to research it. I am assuming I would need 2 Zip/Jaz, a product to do an exact replica format as the factory, and a hex editor to review. How would you suggest going about this? or what product would perform this task?

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    Why not just leave the small file on there? It's a lot easier to do that then try to get a factory fresh format on it. Otherwise, I would recommend going to Iomega, telling them your needs, and as long as you're willing to buy them in bulk, you should probably be able to purchase a number of disks without the file. Also, if you want to do a secure transfer, why not just use CD-Rs? They hold more, are much less expensive, and don't have any files on them to start with.


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