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Thread: quick linux question

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    quick linux question

    Im running RedHat 7.3 and its working fine. My only question is how do I setup the mouse wheel fot Xwindows? All the info I've Read on changing it only talks about the install. But its already installed, is there some kind of configurator? (im still a newbie)

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    okay, try this.

    login as root

    It should take you to a screen to configure all sorts of aspects of Xwindows. I know how frustrating it can be to setup stuff like this, it took me a while to get rh to recognize my touchpad and eraser button on my laptop
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    This is when the search function here upsets me. A few months back, I wrote explicit instructions on how to do this by hand. All you had to do was cut and paste part of this screen into the mouse file, and you were all set....

    It is on this server someplace....
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