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Thread: Thought You Should Know

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    May 2002

    Not that I disbelieve you, I want to believe what you are saying is true - but surely you have a copy of the email, IM history logs etc..., after all you kept a copy of the image sent to you - something that would corroborate your allegations.

    At the end of the day you are not answerable to me or anyone else, but you are the one who has raised serious allegations of misconduct among members of this community and this should be backed up with proof. Where I come from it's basically the ability to, as they say, "Put your money where your mouth is".

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    Ok. So whoever "goobersnot" is, is the one that has been doing the multiple "balance is key" antipoint assignments. There is no user called goobersnot though, so that must be another nick that person uses.

    Do you have copies of the IM's that you were sent? what IRC client do you use? Do you have logs of the messages? From the screenshot he sent you, his account doesn't have that many points, and its obvious that he couldn't give you 100 antipoints, or ban you.... It would take a LONG time for him to do either one..

    Here's the deal. The only person that assigns more points at any one time then me is negative. Depending on a few different things, I normally assign between 35 and 45 points at a time. It would take me about 4 negative assignements to ban someone that has no antipoints. For the person that sent you that, it would take them like 20, because they are doing less then 10 points at a time....

    Has anyone else received these messages? I am not asking if you paid the guy or what not, just if you have recieved any messages like this.

    You guys can't read, and I didn't do anything.
    Watch it... If you would have made your post more clearly, I wouldn't have reacted that way. I am VERY objective when it comes to my posts lately. You will notice that i made the post and didn't immediately assign any negative points also, because I wanted to give you a chance to explain yourself. It is comments like that which will get you negative points, and not just from me. When you put down multiple people that have multiple greenies, it is almost asking to be banned. Just a warning...
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    I also wanted to let you guys know, that I am pretty sure, that the maximum amount of times a person can assign APs to one person is 3. I've experimented and figured that out last month, though it may be different for others, I find it hard to believe that this person was able to neg like 10 times in an hour.

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    Oh my God! I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks the FB-Army club is such a stupid piece of horse ****.

    You people are so ****ing sad. You talk in military style and you're not even in the ****ing army I bet.

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    Feb 2002
    normally I stay away from threads that end up bitching about this or that.. but one thing
    I can't stand is abuse of the system.. I've gotten one of those "balance is key" assignments too.. not that it had any weight to it. so yes.. there is an abuser imho that needs to be dealt with.. I'm sure JP can clear this up when chooses to. In my mind it seems like previously
    banned members are returning, getting a few greens, then going into abuse mode.

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    Apr 2002
    I don't want to polemicate but I have been 2 of those "balance is key".
    Personally, nobody has contacted me.
    Before I read this thread I wanted to wait the third before contacting JP. Now I will do it immediatly.
    Life is boring. Play NetHack... --more--

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    As I said before, I got one of those "balance is key" Antipoints but they only dropped me six points. [FB-Army] is just full of sh*t and trying to get attentioin.

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    All this stupidity is giving me a headache. We have a majority of our threads based on b*tching, moaning, groaning, complaining, whinning, and everything else on that nature. There is something like 10 [FB-Army] members, and they are all based on the same Army base. It could have been any one of them, or there could be some SMALL truth to what he is saying. The thing is. We have all noticed there have been issues that have been getting everyone all up-tight and who ever is doing this, is most likely getting his kicks from us getting all worked up about it. Can we all just calm down, forget about AntiPoints, Suicide Threads, and everything else that is P*ssing everyone off, and let this individual or individuals get bored and leave? If they are doing it to annoy people or get others to respond its working. We all are a bit fed up with whats going on, but we don't need to start a new thread about it every day. That is just my personal opinion, and I would really think it would make everyone a little bit less frustrated if we dropped it for a while.

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    Thumbs up Well said Joey_Batch_File

    Very well said indeed, everyone listen to what he is saying here, if you guys/girls want to continue p**sing on each other PM me and I'll give you the key to room 63...this is where all the p**sing should be...ho ho ho, he he he

    sorry I lost my composure there just a bit....I started room 63 just for this reason {Armydoodz} and anyone else who want to have a flame out to the death, do it in room 63 in private out of the public eye, no greenies no reds, just all out open down and dirty warfare....c'mon is yer mommie calling yooze home???

    Oops...there goes my composure again, lets all be friends and quit with all the bullsh*t. Pleeeeeeeeze

    <edit>I wish I knew who this person is so I could square things up with him, I deserved the negs he gave me ( and he must be respected here because it hurt ) and I will try to not be so much of a father figure ( that seems to make the younger than I generation quite upset ) One thing for sure is that I intend to stay and learn here, and I always answer the requests to contact the user about the assignment. I will take my medicine when deserved...</edit>

    We handled it fine before you came, we'll handle it fine when you leave... we don't need another person (especially someone who's actually old enough to know better) and we sure as hell don't need a father figure who thinks he knows everything!!!!!
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    have em banned.

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