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Thread: Best Free Web Site hoster

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    Best Free Web Site hoster

    Hey, my and two friends are making a website, and I'm wondering what the best free Webhost is, right now we're on Geocities but we're looking around for a better site hoster. Any suggestions
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    Has one of the largest searchable databases of free web hosting by category, site features, and type of advertisements, as well as uploading/editing options.

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    50 megs of space...and lots more. Is good if you don't need any server side scripting.
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    php/mysql support

    hey can ne 1 suggest a free host (free website provider ) which support php/mysql
    anticipating a reply soon!!!
    bye 4 now
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    1,542 supports php/sql they are great... but last time I visited they didn't accept new accounts... perhaps you have more luck...

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