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    Question Shopping Carts

    I was asked to make a web site with a shopping cart on it. I have a shopping cart for *NIX based servers called commerce-cgi, and is used with a "flat-file" database. The web site is here: I might try this, but I have not really seen any more open source shopping carts that are decent, so I might have to look commercial for this guy.

    Problem is, this guy does not have a lot of money to play around with, and was wondering what shopping carts you guys/gals know about that do a nice job, that is scalable, is easy for the user to update, and has decent security? Or should I tell the guy he needs to buy a decent shopping cart (I have seen some that are VERY expensive)?

    Thanks for helping a guy out

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    You should check out "PHPay". It's written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. And it's free, best of all.
    It's pretty god damn cool actually.

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    Thanks Jethro, I really appreciate it

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    Works with PayPal, it's free, and the upgrade to premium service is 10 bucks annually. Food for thought.
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    allenb1963, yeah, the guy was saying something about PayPal (never used it) I will have to look into that. Did E-Bay take it over by any chance? Anyway, I was wondering if there was any way to code a payment gateway for PayPal in that PHPay script Jethro was talking about...

    nahhh.. that would be too hard for the money I'm gonna be getting for it. But it WOULD be worth it for something worthwhile down the road

    Thanks guys.

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