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Thread: Harry Potter

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    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is the best ever.

    Hermione Granger in the movie is a hotty. What is her name?

    Harry Potter is such a cutie too!!!!

    Ron is rather ugly though!

    Draco Malfoy is too, but Dumbbelldore is such a hottie!

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    I'm hoping that Ron and Hermione will eventually fall in love.
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    No, Harry and Hermione are going too!

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    i still have to see the potter flick....looks cool.
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    My daughter saw it, she said it was nothing like the book. I have to agree with her: Nothing beats the book

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    i have to aggree with alittlebitnumb a book of a movie is much better than the actual movie and i havent seen harry potter yet
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    Isn't that girl like 12 or something, you sicko...

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    i agree with alittlebitnumb and prodikal.. the movie sucks. but the book is good, if you like easy reading..

    (go enders game!)
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    how old do you think I am?

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    I love the Harry Potter books, and the movie was okay but I really didn't like the ending. Harry P0tter 0wn$ j00!!!

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