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Thread: Harry Potter

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    Hermione is such a hotty.

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    Originally posted here by Stewy
    how old do you think I am?
    I'm thinking older than 12. You seem to be at that stage in life where your testosterone is going out of control and you are just discovering girls.
    I wonder if your parents have given you "the talk" yet...

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    If you watch a film based on a book you have already read, you will always consider it as very bad (it was my feeling with the adaptation of Dune, and I'm not sure for The lord of the ring) because the film can't have the scenes like you imaginated them before.
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    Why Harry Potter is annoying to me:
    [list=1][*]I can't physcically pronouce Hermione's name.[*]Hermione is such an annoying wanna-be prep over-achiever.[*]Ron, Harry, and Hermione have nothing in common, but for some reason happen to be best friends.[*]Even on mythological standards - Harry Potter is quite "out of proportion" if you will.[*] The movie has absolutely no attractive looking people in it... you can't have a movie without attractive people. Hell; even Hackers had a few hot lookin' people in it...[/list=1]

    [P.S. - I've read all four of the books so far, the second one being my favorite, and have seen the movie... twice. ]
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    IMHO, I think the third and forth book was the best and the second sucked. Thas IMO tho.

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    I am 18 years old!!!

    and the 2nd book did suck. And the movie was ok, and hermionie or whatever was the hot babe in the movie.

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    harry potter?? arent all you guys like over age...9 lol.. harry potter is such a little kid movie. It sucks. thx for your time

    edit-- LoL all you guys and harry potter should go eat some dumplings or something. hehe
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    Harry Potter rules! Harry potter rules!!! Harry Potter rules!

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