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Thread: Redhat 7.3 installation error

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    Redhat 7.3 installation error

    When I get to the part of the Redhat 7.3 installation where I have to partiton my hard disk I recieve an error.

    "The partition table on /tmp/hdc is inconsistent"
    Then I click cancel and recieve this error.
    "The partition table on device hdc was unreadable"

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    Make sure you don't have some setting enabled in the BIOS
    that protects the master boot record from being written.
    It may be referred to as virus protection, or something
    security related.

    Try running the installation again. If it keeps happening,
    you may have a bad drive.
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    Re: BIOS settings screwing up installations.
    I'd turn off BIOS virus protection if it has any
    for atleast the time I'm installing an OS...

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    Here is also a good thread to check out.

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