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Thread: WebHosting availability....

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    WebHosting availability....

    Is it just me or does it seem that hosting a website from home is becomming more and more scarce? DirecPC doesn't even plan on allowing it, all the cable services in the comunity won't allow it anymore... What's the deal with this? Do I really have to get a T1 connection to host my own website? That's ridiculous!!!

    Why should I pay someone else to host my website on their server when I am perfectly capable of hosting it on my own?

    Is there a method to this madness (other than offering a crippled internet service in order to save a few pennies)? Is this something that happened because of 9/11, or as a desperate attempt at slowing down the warez/cracking communities (not that I support them, but.... yeah right! You can't stomp something out if it's a dime-a-dozen.)?

    I'm pretty sure that I can fix it so that a provider won't know (unless they specifically look for it via DNS server information or traffic reviews...), but what would be the point... I'm not going to play dodge-ball with invalid service. That's just stupid.

    Anyone shed some light on what's going on?


    Many will ask, \"Where do you want to go today?\" because they\'re still scratching for ideas.

    With *NIX, there\'s already a way. The sum of us just need roadmaps to get there.

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    I think you're just being paranoid.

    Cable companies don't want home users to host web sites because they're worried that doing so will create more traffic. They work by assuming that most people won't be using the net most of the time, if you're hosting a server you might be.

    My cable company, and probably many others, provide a package which uses the same hardware which is for people who want to host servers (it's usually targetted at small businesses) - which will probably provide u with at least one static IP and the ability to run any servers you want.

    It is not "a desperate attempt at slowing down the warez/cracking communities", but a simple economic thing - if everyone on cable hosted servers they'd run out of bandwidth.

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    I dunno, I host my website (actually, a few websites) and I know loads of people who do as well. It's just more fun...

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    Well, Here's my thought on that, then...

    If the local cable companies here are such penny pinchers, then I should get a refund for all the bandwidth that I have paid for but not used.

    I'll probably end up hosting anyway...

    mchsi (MediaCom) even told me that I couldn't have my gateway server connected to their modem or anywhere on the network (well... at first, they tried to tell me that it wouldn't work because "we only support windows" and I run FreeBSD.) So I said, "Well Duh.... That means I must not have it hooked up right or something because I'm connecting just fine..."

    He actually said, "Oh. Okay, then.... So what exactly was your question?"

    Whatever... It's not like they'll ever find out anyway, and it's not like the gateway server uses up any more bandwidth than a straight connection would...) The gateways there to provide an additional level of MY protection...

    BTW... Isn't it a good thing that these companies DON'T try to support anything but windows? Can you imagine? They'd actually have to get a clue in their tech assistance department! LoL

    (I'm just ranting, y'all)

    Many will ask, \"Where do you want to go today?\" because they\'re still scratching for ideas.

    With *NIX, there\'s already a way. The sum of us just need roadmaps to get there.

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