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Thread: Geek-core Tattoo

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    Geek-core Tattoo

    I'm planning on getting a tattoo, at least at some point in my life, if not very soon. I've been geek to the extreme for a LOONG dang time, so I'm thinking something with geek signifigance, techie or computer related, would be right for me. Any suggestions? Any other geeks with ink? Any geek tattoos you thought you'd love forever and now regret?
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    Get Tux. That'd be cool.

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    Or the BSD Daemon. He's cool, too.
    How about the OpenBSD blowfish? The one that ammo uses for an avatar. He kicks ass!
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    A 'geek' tattoo? Hmmmm....maybe get a pocket protector tattooed to your chest?
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    I'd go for a cyborg like design: or something by louis rojo

    or perhaps /dev/null on your lower back...

    I'd like to have the "old" linux logo l1nux or was it something with an italic i

    edit: the italic i it is.. Linux
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    Barcode on the back of your neck just at the base of the skull.
    Saying of your choice. In binary.
    The waving MS flag. On fire.

    Top of my head that's all I can come up with quickly...


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    You could always go for some anime figure....Dragonballz or something like that...but the coolest, i think, would be any of the quake logos
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    I have two tattoos, non computer related. I have a band on my arm, and a memorial tattoo on my left calf of an angel holding up a devil... I have seen way too many tux, and putting anything Microsoft on your body may cause as many problems w/ your body as it does for a computer... j/k a band in binary would be interesting or initials in binary. Tux does make a great tatoo, but you know. The best thing about a tattoo is originality, and it is really hard to suggest something original that would fit you as a person without knowing you. I would suggest doing some deep soul searching, and find something that fits you as an individual that you like very much, and go from there. If you do this, you will never regret your tattoo. Just trying to help you out...

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    I actually have (or am about to have, as of 5 PM EST today) two tats on my body. One is a bulldog on my right bicep and one is a customized superman symbol on my left shoulder blade. BatchFile is right when he says it is up to the individual person as to what you should get. Get something that embodies you, and something you'll like to see for the rest of your life. Personally, I chose the tattoos that have some sort of personal signifigance to me, not something that just looked cool.

    I'd hate to make a suggestion to you, but I have seen quite a few geeks with ink have a barcode tattooed somewhere on their body. Hex is always good, cause you'll havea giant binary tattoo if you want to encode something significant in it...

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    Originally posted here by roswell1329
    Or the BSD Daemon. He's cool, too.
    How about the OpenBSD blowfish? The one that ammo uses for an avatar. He kicks ass!

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