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Thread: Apocalypse Now(Not the movie)

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    Angry Apocalypse Now(Not the movie)

    Found an interesting article here.Enjoy

    Could it possibly be the end of the world???You just gotta love Bill Gates.(I'd like to kiss him with a baseball bat.)

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    It figures: A good article form a somewhat credible source will come out just as the DOJ seems to have said "Hey Microsoft, we trust you, so why not go to town on our computers."

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    Because they do not understand me, I am a barbarian.

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    Apocalypse Now(Not the movie)

    Hey I resemble that remark...........<grin>
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    I think microsoft is trying to control everything they can becuase people are now waking up and realizing that Linux operating system's aren't that hard to use and you can practicly get them any where. So in a futile attempt Microsoft is trying to gain control of everything so they can stay in the race with Linux. But hey all the power to them if they do it, I mean there will always be a way around the things they come out with. Just my opinion on the issue.

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    Among other things, this means that anyone who has upgraded to the newest Windows Media Player has given Microsoft Corporation rights to total control of his or her machine. Where else might such control have been ceded, unbeknownst to the computer owner?
    Careless users are the ones to blame for this situation.
    If you warn them of dangers, their reply is "I don't care
    as long as I get these convenient features" There is also
    a perverse desire to be on "the winning side" If microsoft
    dominates the market, consumers want to "go with the

    Look at the history of the american automobile. Since the 1960s
    critics tried to point out safety defects, bad gas mileage etc.
    Consumers loved the big ugly pieces of junk.

    If you asked an auto executive, "why don't you make a
    fuel efficient car?" , their answer was "Consumers want
    big cars."

    "Why don't you put some advanced safety features in
    your cars?" The reply was "Safety doesn't sell cars"

    When consumer attitudes changed, the car companies
    responded to meet the demand.
    Stupid users are the real threat to computing.

    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Hrm.. Interesting article gghornet.
    The next computer I buy will be a Mac.. Or I'll just build one muh self.

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