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Thread: general DOS question

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    Get your story straight. All you are doing is confusing any newbies that may be reading this thread. You first say 9X is stand alone, then you say that it is not. Well, all this does is make newbies say "WTF" and go to another site. Please help newbies out don't confuse the crrap out of them.

    Originally posted here by RejectKnowledge
    All versions from Windows 95 ( including 95 itself ) are all stand-alone operating systems that don't require DOS to run.

    Originally posted here by RejectKnowledge
    I don't think Win9x are stand-alone operating systems. That is what is taught in just about any certification about Microsoft Operating Systems that you will encounter, including the A+ Software Certification, amongst others.
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    Hmm...don't quote me on any of this, but the way I understand it (from my Win98 MCP cert class), Windows 3.1 and 3.11 all were graphical user interfaces (GUI's) operating on the DOS 6.2+ OS. Windows 95 was a stand-alone operating system, but still relied on, autoexec.bat, config.sys, and io.sys as the startup files for backward compatibility. The DOS shell in Windows 95 was a stripped down version of DOS used as a "shell" for explorer.exe. Windows 98 and on (in the 9x strain of Windows) were also stand-alone OS's that used as a startup file (just like DOS did), but the other startup files that DOS used (like autoexec.bat, config.sys, etc) were no longer required. DOS is no longer any part of the OS, and the DOS window available in all versions thereafter were simply "emulators" that mimicked the old DOS functionality. Anyway, just my 2c.
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    jezz, with all the disagreement about windows being or not being dos gui, dos dependant, or not, is it any wonder that it does its job so poorly, i wonder if its programmers are as confused as this forum.
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    Man, I don't know what they're teaching in these cert classes these days.....

    Windows 9x and Me use 16-bit DOS as a bootstrap to launch into the 32-bit Windows. DOS boots first, then starts Windows. It's a slightly different mechanism, but it's just like adding win to your autoexec.bat file back in the day. Don't believe me? Check this out:

    There is a file in your root directory called MSDOS.SYS. It's a text file. Get rid of the hidden, system, and read-only file attributes, and open it in a text editor. Change the line BootGUI=1 to BootGUI=0, and add a line LOGO=0. When you reboot, you come up in DOS. Want to start windows? Type win. Change the Windir and WinBootDir paths and you can install multiple versions of Windows. DOS 7 is just like DOS 6 except that it's been hacked to add VFAT long filename support. Look in C:\Windows\command and there's your DOS commands.

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    Apocalypse, that think was supposed to be "think". I don't "Think" 9x etc are stand-alone operating systems. Its what is taught in the Cert courses. My bad. I apologize.

    And the point I was making is what roswell made, only more elaborately than I could have. thanks, roswell.

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    Actually while we're on the subject, I've been looking for some info on "Net Use" and "TelNet" commands and haven't had much luck. A lil nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.
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    vengeance_rtf: You asked for some information on Net use and telnet commands, I did a web search and it apears that this site

    might be of some help to not only you but also me. It has some information on net use and telnet as well as other DOS utilities.
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    Originally posted here by indolent
    jezz, with all the disagreement about windows being or not being dos gui, dos dependant, or not, is it any wonder that it does its job so poorly, i wonder if its programmers are as confused as this forum.
    To have my final word on this one - you will find that most programmers are not confused about the way windows works. To summarise what most people have said - there are two very distinct flavours of Windows:
    (1) The Win 3.x/9x line which relies on DOS to boot the system.
    3.x was a pure GUI, but Win98/ME is far more than a GUI, as it will use its own drivers instead of the default DOS drivers.
    (2) The Win NT/2k/XP line which has its own kernel (doesn't use DOS).

    Does any of this matter? Well yes, it does in some cases.

    If you are running old software - either old commercial software or old games - then you may find it impossible to get it to run correctly under WindowsXP. The reason for this is that the software is relying on DOS really being there - it is making requests directly to the DOS layer that XP is unable to emulate.

    Which is why many people still use Win98 to play games ....

    I should have added that this is the reason that many companies choose to keep running Win3.X, as it does the job it was intended for. Why upgrade when you don't have to ???

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    I read the book "Window's ME Annoyances" that Win 3.x, 9x, and ME are all DOS reliant. Windows NT and 2000 aren't and are stand alone.

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    i agree totally with problemchild's posts !

    forget your cert courses as they are only as good as the Instructor ( i know I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer)

    yes win 95 98 xp etc etc are ful 32 bit OS'es and they contain support for 16 bit for backward compatability but 95 and 98 still require DOS elements to load with in the first place that is why you see dos based commands from batch files on start of these OS'es.

    NT4.0, 2000, XP etc are fully self reliant OS'es with no DOS needed for loading etc they use a completely diffferent Memory model and handle hardware completely differently.

    to cut it short 3x needs dos to exist before installation, 95 and 98 can install on a clean HDD but uses DOS as a preempt fro loading device drivers etc etc
    NT 4, 2000,XP etc all stand independent and load there own low level kernel for memory handling and booting etc when loading !

    As for the A+ cert course remember that that is CompTIA and not a Microsfot course
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