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Thread: FireWall, Windows Sub System?

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    FireWall, Windows Sub System?

    I have a question, I installed Norton Personal Firewall, I set it up to ask me before anything contacts the internet, while using my dial up acct the other day the firewall flashed a message telling me the the Windows Sub Systems is attempting to access the internet. I am wonder why this happened? Does anyone know.

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    Some additional details would help... Windows version (95, 98, XP, 2000, NT...) etc.
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    its most likely explorer.exe trying to access the web... let it connect then do a netstat -a to see what port it is on. YOu can make some decisions of what to do then..
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    like Rewandythal said need more info, aminly what it is. in most scenarios i only get these things from windows trying to access the net


    and sometimes kernel sub systems. if yours is any of these you dont need to panic, but if it isnt do what the other guys said and find out exactly what it is and what its doing.
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    its most likely explorer.exe trying to access the web
    Usually if it's explorer, NIS will tell you that explorer.exe is trying to acces the internet, not the Windows subsystem. I suspect that it's something along the lines of "Generic Host Process for Win32" that is always trying to connect, although not being a Windows guy, I've never been real sure what that is exactly. But I've always blocked it with no problems.

    I once caught the Windows 98 KERNEL trying to make a connection. That blew me away...... needless to say, I blocked that bad boy.

    Unless you just want the technical details, I'd say it's safe to block it and go on.
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    I am running Windows 2000 Pro, when Norten Poped up the message asking if the Windows Sub System could access the net I hit "hell No". And I have had no problems, it had nothing to do with intenet explorer and I was not updating any thing at the time over the net. I am trying to find the the answer to my question at technet but not having much luck, I also know of 2 other people this happened to as well, each running Win2k.

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    I pulled this from the Symantec Platinum site. I'm not sure if it applies, but here ya go.

    Situation: You see a Norton Internet Security (NIS) or Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) alert indicating that C:\Windows\System\krnl386.exe is attempting to access the Internet.

    Solution: To fix this problem, you need to permit the connection so an IP address can be assigned.

    Follow these steps:
    1. Select Permit when the NIS or NPF alert dialog box appears.
    2. Click OK.

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