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Thread: The REAL risk of cyberterrorism

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    The REAL risk of cyberterrorism

    Given the current climate of fear in this nation, coupled with the rampant misinformation and propaganda being spread, I was pleased to read what appears to be a fair and unbiased look at the state of cybersecurity in our nation, which you are free to peruse through the link below. Remember people...knowledge is power, but the only real knowledge is that which is based on truth. Don't let paranoia affect your judgement and allow you to give away your future and your liberties!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Good post. Cant give you any greenies right now
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    Nice link. very true paranoia is rampant.

    But also there are 2 ends to the spectrum, there are the ones that feel as though cybersecurity is everything and that all depends on it, and there are the ones that feel that nothing will happen to their computer even with no antivirus protection.

    I guess the most important thing is to utilize the knowledge that is available to us to find the balance between security and paranoia.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Cyberterrorism.. scary stuff, assuming that the people doing the cyberterrorizing are doing so offensively.

    See, it seems that now our country has a new outlook on "defense," (ie: a good offense), it wont be long before getting on the internet is going to be cause for arrest. Think about it: Tens of thousands of bits of information you're probably not supposed to be looking at. Bits of pictures that might be child porn (we can't always be sure), bits of text files that might be threatening to america's future (hell, all of Antionline is just a resource for cyber-terrorists to learn tricks of the trade... right?) Bits of information from instant messages:

    "Oh god I just want to kill her i'm so mad."

    Well, that's it for you.

    Bits of information you dont even intend to be there, worms in your Inbox that affiliate you with a known virus maker! Bits of information that prove conclusively anything a cop, lawyer or judge could use to prove you dont deserve your freedom.

    I find it funny that a nation that so adamantly opposed communism (to the point of giving guns and ammo to Aghan soldiers to chase it away) is now become one more fascist regime hellbent on keeping us safe by keeping us secluded.

    (Better unplug now, you could get in mighty big trouble for being anywhere NEAR thoughts like that.)
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    I recently stated in a previous post that terrorist are not really interested in taking out systems through the internet or should I say this is not thier focus, I'm quite sure they will use the internet to cause problems but, physical forms of terror are a more effective way for them to go. just drive around your neighborhoods and look at the physical structures. there are alot that could be breached! airports (shoulder launched missile in an open field), oil refineries(granade thrown over a fence) and railyards(bomb placed on a chlorine tanker)...
    these are just some of the things I see in the area where a I live. I think industrial parks need a neighborhood patrol too! everything can't be left up to the police.

    cyberterrorism If it's going to be used as a means of attack will be more effective if its done in conjunction with a physical attack(a cyberattack on a communications network to blind then physical attack on the target to maim)

    just my two cents

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    Nice post, I always find lil pieces of info like that particularly interesting.
    [glowpurple]It all works out in the end.[/glowpurple]

    But that\'s just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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    Cyberterrorism is not something to worry much about about it does not hurt people like a bomb killing americans. I am more worryed about some 12 year old trying to be a ass.
    Ill THink of one when i get time.

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