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Thread: AMD vs Intel vs RISC vs MIPS ?

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    Question AMD vs Intel vs RISC vs MIPS ?



    At the risk of posting something that has already been covered...
    I searched and did not find any information like this in AO's archives or forums using my own search methods, if by some chance another member has seen reference to this please PM me and I will give him full credit for the idea and reference it in this, "hopefully educational" updated, or new idea thread.

    This disclaimer should be in accordance with AO's rules and regulations, and within the guidelines specified in the abundant tutorials and FAQs located on this site.

    If by chance, or reason, you do not agree with the content of this post please PM me with your view, or views, and I will, at my own personal discretion, post a retraction, correct the error, or delete this thread.

    This disclaimer is being added to the first post in this thread, and all subsequent threads I start in the future.

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    I would like everyones opinion on the different processors, their uses, the OS's that support them (this is important), cost and avilability. I am gathering this information to use in my own development of the "Ultimate Network" and of course, security is of the utmost importance in this discussion, I will also use your input to compile a tutorial at some point and I will make reference to your posts made in this thread, so please stay on topic, and keep personal opinions about other subjects where they belong. (PM or start your own thread) Thank you.
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    AMD....big surprize, huh?? LOL I was initially attracted more by value than performance. Since I've been using AMD, however, I'm now more impressed with performance, and I use that as the primary selling point when making a system recommendation. Price is just an added bonus, usually considered the icing on the cake, so to speak. AMD functions well with anything M$ forwards from Win 98, and given the recent partnership between AMD and M$ I expect that functionality to improve with future M$ OS releases. I haven't tried Linux out on an AMD yet, and personally would be interested in knowing how it performs in that operating enviroment, along with any issues that anyone has encountered (an AMD-Linux box looms in my immediate future).
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    Strange thread! I'm not sure I have well understand what you want. Our processors and what OS's support them? I think there are a lot of threads about AMD vs Intel but ok.
    I 've used AMD athlon for 2 years and I think it is really the best: AMD has the best capacities/cost and I can use it on all my OS's (Windows 98, ME, XP, and Red Hat Linux) without any problems for all (games work well).
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    Personally, I feel that AMD, in the long run, will be more productive than intel. They are very reliable, stable, and easy to overclock . Intel does have some fast chips, but I like the reliablitity and pricing of AMD chips :-D.

    allenb1963: I heard that AMD runs great on Linux.. get that $hit hooked up soon
    KissCool: LoL @ windoze ME

    as for the RISC vs MIPS... heres some links.. dont wanna go into detail
    LiNKs --> 1.
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    Amd will probably be better and much more productive then intel. I believe there was a similar thread on this however but still, AMD.

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    go here there one called cpu design which shud tell u alot of wot u wana know
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    Exclamation For Clarity.

    Sorry everyone, maybe I was not very clear on the purpose of this thread. My intentions are to gather information in one place so I can build a solid, secure network. This is in no way intended to be repetitive or derogitory. I have a general purpose in mind only. Please do not offer any personal comments as I do not want to waste JP's server space. Please PM me. As for antipoints, I am not doing this for a boost of points or any other reason involving them, I will graciously accept them if given, but this is not important to this thread.

    And again, please if you have comments to either pros or cons of this thread PM me, I have gotten several comments within my antipoint awards that were very appeciated, and some I did not appreciate, if you have to give me negs please by all means do so, I will always click the little link that says "contact the user who sent this" so far to date no one has been brave enough to answer me back. To those people, I have no use and their negs mean nothing to me. To the people who give me greens I will never question those, so if you wish to remain anonymous, not a problem, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And last, but certainly not least, the people up to this post who gave me valid information, and or links to information, thank you it will be put to good use.

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    asallison, more than likely, no one will contact you back. As a matter of fact, I dunno why it is there cuz I dunno anyone who has ever done that. But, that's just my .2 cents

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    with my experiance i go with AMD. like allenb1963 said i first used it cause of the price but then was impressed by the performance. My smaller AMD's run faster than the Pentiums with the same MHz.My AMD 200 runs faster then a few PII 300's I have.

    havent had too much experiance with RISC and MIPS though.
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    i 'm using amd from last 1 year with no problem at for overheating problem ,climate here is hot and then humid for 6 months in year and i have my pc in room with only a fan and man its performance rocks .
    As for operating systems i have run all kind winxp,win98se,mandrake8.2 and redhat 7.2 with
    satsfactory results.
    but i have no network till now so i cann't help u in that area. :-)

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