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Thread: RH 7.3 install problem

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    RH 7.3 install problem

    Hi, my friend just burned the ISO images onto CDs for me. One on each CD as directed at

    I made a boot floppy and launched the install. Everything went fine untill it stoped resonding at the end of package 9. I tryed it a second time, and again it freezes at package 9.

    Could this mean that it is haveing dificulties reading the package from the CD., or posibly a problem with my memory? I have only 32MB of RAM. Or could it be that it needed the second CD? Wouldent it ask for the Second CD if it needed it. I tryed takeing the CD out but it would not open. The computer just stoped resonding, however I was able to turn my caps lock on and off, but nothing else would work.

    Any sugestions?

    I would also like to know, what is the minimum space required for the swap file? is 50MB ok for swap?
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    As a general rule, the swap partition should be at least double the system RAM, so a 64MB minimum partition is recommended for your swap partition, although this is not essential.
    As for RAM limitations, 32MB should be more than enough to run the installer, although you might get problems later if you run X Windows with the computer not having much RAM it'll be slow-ish.
    I would assume that it would ask for CD2 if required, so I'm hazarding the guess that its either a CD problem (package can't be read due to damaged CD or damaged ISO image) or that there is some kind of conflict between the system and that package. What exactly is "package 9.1"? Some extra details would be helpful here, but in the meantime, try a larger swap, and try to download and burn the ISO again (usually ISOs have MD5 checksums you can use to check that the ISO is entirely accurate before burning to CD, thus reducing the likelihood of errors on the CD).

    Hope that helped.
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