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Thread: mp3 on a mac platform

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    Unhappy mp3 on a mac platform

    hi all
    I wanted to submit a question to mac users or to anybody who thinks can help me.
    Since 'audio galaxy' was closed I had to say stop to any mp3 file sharing due to the missing applications for mac.
    Limewire doesn't fit with my searches so I installed my copy of virtual pc for macintosh and started using winmix.
    It works fine but when I try to transfer my mp3 file from VPC machine to my mac HD I feel I miss something!
    Honesly I'm not able to do it.
    I tried to drag file to my desktop but operation took so long and I didn't even get a readable file for any of my music application!
    Mac developers should do something, at any level!!!

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    umm if its osx u can use an ftp client in the windows part and ftp to the mac osx client should be fine
    just an idea

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