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Thread: motorola hsp modem and mandrake 8.1?

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    motorola hsp modem and mandrake 8.1?

    where i can find a driver (.rpm) for my modem?

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    You can't.

    Modems in linux usually use kernel modules as their drivers - and you'll be very lucky to get one of those in an RPM!!

    Secondly, the HSP modems are (as far as I know) mostly "winmodems" which do not work in Linux, or work only marginally.
    You'd be best searching for your specific modem make, model and manufacturer, to see if there are any drivers that offer support for your particular modem.
    Real modems integrate with linux more or less seamlessly (kernel modules for ppp may need to be installed if you didnt' compile them into the kernel, but a simple:
    insmod ppp
    will achieve that.
    You're probably best buying an external 56k serial modem (Not a USB, a lot of those are Winmodems as well). As long as it supports MS-DOS it'll work in linux (MS DoS does not have winmodem drivers, and so a modem which works in MS-DOS works in linux). You're best looking for an external 3Com or US Robotics Serial 56k modem, as they are very likely to be hardware modems.
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    You're probably best buying an external 56k serial modem
    I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I always feel obligated to point out that US Robotics does still make a PCI hardware modem that can probably be found at Office Depot or something. I just really hate external modems, and I know there are some people like me out there. I believe the last one I bought actually said Linux was supported on the box.

    [EDIT] Oh yeah... the best place to look for help on the modem you have is Some WinModems can be made to work fairly well, but never having had one I can't offer any more than that.
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    Just a suggestion, if you are looking for a good external modem which responds to standard AT commands, get a Best Data. There are a lot like US Robotics, but far cheaper.
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