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Thread: AntiPoint tweak

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    AntiPoint tweak

    Just a thought here....we can all see how many AP's we've received or given in the AP center, which is great. It would also be nice to have a bit more information and control over how we spread AP's. It would be handy if the system informed us of how many total points we have to disburse during a given 24 hour period, how many points we have assigned during said period, along with the maximum positives and negatives we can give per post. Add to that a feature that when assigning AP's that would allow us to adjust the amount of points we give down from maximum, ie a box in the assignment window that when left blank assigns the maximum, but when given a value (not to exceed the members max assignment value) allows the member to control the amount of points given to the post.

    The point is, it would be nice to be able to go a little easier on newbies who make a stupid post out of ignorance by 'slapping their hands' so to speak instead of killing them with a barrage of negs. By the same token, a good joke doesn't really deserve the same amount of greenies that a tutorial post or a 'how do I solve x problem' solution post does. JMHO.
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    I agree 100%, the control would be great! As long as you couldn't exceed what would be the maximum for your antipoint level.

    Sometimes you may agree or disagree with a post but maybe not full force. Some of the senior members can pack quite a punch with their AP's.

    Good idea allenb1963!

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    that is a good idea allenb and another thing wouldnt it be better if you could only give antipoints if you posted in to a thread ? it would save ppl just going in to threads and abusing them like terr said when a lot of ppl were getting negs in old post it would stop stuff like that happening to just my 0.02p
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    That's an excellent idea Allen. It wouldn't be too hard to impliment either.

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    An excellent idea indeed, Al! You have my vote.

    As zaggy pointed out, the extra control would be great!

    Not every post deserves the same amount of antipoints...therefore it would be nice if each user had the ability to assign the amount of antipoints that he/she deems appropriate.

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    I'm in agreement to both Joey's post and Allens. I think this feature would be great and I think it would help out alot. So yep, I'm in full agreement with it! Nice suggestion allenb1963!

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    -I don't know how it got deleted-

    My suggestion was to add a space next to the comment in your antipoints that states the amount of points assigned/deducted for that post.

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    Joey, why don't you do a search for it because I remember you recommending your idea as sort of the same as Allens. Either way, it's a great idea.

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    Ah, heck, sure. It WOULD be nice if you could get a choice to assign less-than-full AP's, but the most useful way would be a small drop-down list or something where you can choose the exact numerical number. The problem is that this would reveal how many APs a user can assign in a shot, which I think JP was trying to avoid... not that you can really help it, a user could always make a dummy account, neg/pos that, and see how much the dummy's point total changed.

    I vote for it, with reservations depending on the implementation.
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    How about if you get three options in the drop down menu...1) Assign Positive, 2) Assign Negative, and 3) Bring it up to even(or down)
    That would help the moderators so they dont give out extra greenies when they think someone has been negged for no reason
    Would be a lot of work though to get it that way...
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