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Thread: What is a hacker....?

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    What is a hacker....?

    In your opinion what do YOU think a hacker is, No stereotypes about hacking into gibsons or defenitions from Jargon..... We started a conversation about this in another thread ( But it was closed... Im looking forward to everyones opinions

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    It would depend on a few things. First, are they black hat or white hat. WhiteHat's tend to be security officials, network admins, or just computer enthusiasts. Blackhat's are virii programmers, and people who do it for the wrong reason. Or, to make it simple, Blackhats destroy, Whitehat's create. That is JMHO..

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    Anyone who possesses the knowledge and the ability to develop tools to remotely penetrate a computer or computer network in a manner that is at best very difficult to detect or trace and actively uses those 'skills'. No point in getting into the white/black/grey debate...lets leave morals out and base it on a purely technical perspective.
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    I agree with allen, skills are skills, it matters how one applies them, but for the topic at hand IMHO.
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    Sorry allen, but I have to disagree. In my mind hackers are defined as:

    People who learn! People who´s whole life revolvs around the search for ultimate wisdom! Hacking doesn´t necesaraly have to do with computers!
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    A hacker is…

    I've always thougt about "hackers" as people who have the skills and the guts to do hacker type things lol,
    No seriously I thkink hackers are and sholud be people who with enormous knowledge and skill do what they see is right for them the whole black/grey/white question is getting a bit old I mean maybe some people still stick to those simple guidlelines ( i'm not trying to diss anyone with this). Of course there will allways excist those how will live by the hacker guidelines and morales. But in my oppinion thats getting a bit old. I think a hacker is someone who coniciders themself a hacker and has the skill to back it up!
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    I've always seen hacking as the never ending quest for knowledge. How you apply that knowledge is up to you.
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    Here is my view:

    I view a hacker as someone who is willing to spend all their time learning about computers, not to damage but to put their knowledge to good use. And someone who is willing to share his/her own knowledge with others so that we can work as a team.

    I watched a TV show on "hacking" once, they taked a bit about the history. There was a computer club when the first home computers were made, ppl would come and share their knowledge. Someone would discover something and share it with the club. They would discuss their ideas and think of new ideas.

    I am glad I found antionline, because now I have found a place to share my knowledge and learn from others.
    In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom
    which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. But must I know what must not come, for I shale become those of knowledgedome. Peace~

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    Hey Everybody,
    I think that the old "Hacker Ethic" is pretty much lost. I think that some hckers are in it for the bucks. Cloaking their identities to be able to send spam emails, gain information on companies and people and use this for their own benefit. Mabey I am pessimistic regarding this issue but my experiences with hackers has never been pleasent. It is my hope that there are still some hungry only for the quest for knowledge but I think it is rare on a larger scale. What do yall think.

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