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Thread: DirectX on Linux

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    DirectX on Linux

    Besides for Wine, is there any other programs I can use to load games onto my IcePack or RedHat boxes. I often find myself gaming in my free time or when I'm bored, and lately I have been having the urge to play Warlords Battlecry 2 during class, but I can't seem to get Wine to play it on my IcePack system.

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    Yes, I have looked into both Win4Lin and WineX. However, they tend to act like Microsoft & Windows 2000. As in they only support certain games, and the implementation of newer games is a slow process. I was just curious as if there was other options? By the way for anyone else Win4Lin is the best way to go out of those options.

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    You might try VMWare, but other than that I don't know of much else. I think Win4Lin, WineX, and VMWare are pretty much it.
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    I tried Vmware to emulate windows 98 on my win2k machine so I could get older games(Dos) to work, but the problem is that it also emulates a usless video and sound card that is not very good with directx so playing anything recent would be hard. I have only used the windows version of Vmware thought, not sure what the linux version will be like

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    It may seem usless, but if anyone here is a true linux guru who has a hobby of gaming. I would like to see a Gaming in Linux tutorial, and if I figure it out to a T I may soon write one.

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