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Thread: Linux certification

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    Linux certification

    First off, I did a search for past posts on this topic, but came up null, so I decided to post the thread in this Forum since it seemed to fit with others of this nature that are already here. I recently heard about a couple of Linux certifications - RHCE and Linux +, and I wanted to ask for the opinion of the experienced Linux people here at AO. Is it really worth it to go after one of these certs? If so, which one tips the scales more than the other, if any? You guys work in the industry. I haven't heard of anyone asking for a Linux Cert for any jobs - only experience, so in your opinion, would I be better off doing some homework with How Tos, books, and things of the nature and just building a Linux network of my own to play with? I mean, I plan on doing that anyway, but I just want to know if it would be a total waste of time to go for one of these certs. If any of you have taken courses for these certs, tell me how you think the class was for beginners. I have no experience btw, so basically any suggestion is a good one for me to enhance my virtually non-existent knowledge of this OS. I really appreciate you guys' help on this because I find what I read about the OS very fascinating for the most part, so my heart rate quickens at the thought of sponging as much as possible about it. Can you tell that I am a computer geek? LOL

    Peace and Blessings to all.

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    The Red Hat cert will pay off.As I speak my company is porting everything over(our remote servers that is) to redhat from sco unix.I'm working on my B.A in IT and they hire some kid just out of high school with nothing but a redhat cert and give him a job in our programing dept. I wanted to transfer over there from tech support but they hired him. The kid doesn't have ANY experiance mind you...just a cert. If you can afford the 2500-3000 bucks go for redhat.
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    antihaxor -- I agree with you that the RCHE will most definitely carry more weight than the Linux+, but keep in mind that they're geared for 2 different things. The RHCE is designed to produce an individual capable of administrating a Red Hat server on a production level:

    taken from RedHat's RHCE FAQ Page:
    Linux users and professionals want to get a certificate they can respect and which they know is challenging. Employers need to feel confident when they hire an RHCE that the person has demonstrated the skills and competencies required to administer Red Hat Linux systems for some pretty critical roles.
    The Linux+ (just like all CompTIA certs) is designed to produce an individual with the equivalent of 6 months experience:

    from the CompTIA's Linux+ Home Page :
    The Linux+ certification measures vendor-neutral Linux knowledge and skills for an individual with at least 6 months practical experience. The target market for Linux+ certification are individuals interested in demonstrating fundamental Linux knowledge and skills.
    I think it also depends on where you'll end up. When I was looking for a job, I wasn't too picky which flavor *NIX the companies I was applying for was running. I just needed an admin job. The industry still seems to be pretty split on running official UNIX distro's and moving to Linux. Many companies are under contract to use a specific UNIX, and don't have the option of migrating to Linux. However, RedHat does seem to be the corporate distro of choice.

    If I had a choice between the RHCE and Linux+, t2k2, I'd probably take the RHCE since all the knowledge of the Linux+ is incorporated in the RHCE. However, if you just want a support job somewhere, and not an admin job, why waste money on the RHCE? You could pick up a book on the Linux+ and pass the test with flying colors in a short period of time.

    Good luck in whatever you choose!
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    Linux Cert

    Once again you guys have not failed to amaze me with your great advice. I really appreciate it and I hope to be able to discuss Linux with you guys further in the future, but under different circumstances - me being more knowledgeable on the topic. Thanks.
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