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Thread: What u spinnin'?

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    Cool What u spinnin'?

    With such a wide-range of people here at AO of all ages | nationalities etc I was wondering what do you listen to while working?
    I know I personnaly can't sit down to do any kind of web-design with out slipping on my head phones and cranking it up loud!!!
    But I was wondering about the rest of you? Are you the same or do you prefere quiet background music - or perhaps you have to work in silence??
    And if you do like music while you work - what kind?

    The two that never leave my player at the minute are chevelle and RHCP's new albumn 'by the way'

    well whats your preference???


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    My preference is Loud and Heavy. cant put headphones on so i just listen to heavy music.
    Enjoy a lot of hard core and classic rock
    Sick Of It All
    Led Zeppelin
    Murphys Law
    and to many more to name.
    Alright take it ease

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    I'm currently listening to Alice in Chains Grind - but when I'm sitting down for long hours banging away at the code, I'll usually throw on some dark jungle. Maybe a little bit of dark trance. That usually keeps me going. I actually have a playlist called coding. lol How many of you have a coding playlist too?

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    Well, to me I can listen to alotta stuff. I like metal, rock, and just a dash of rap. The only rap I like is Tupac and for metal/rock, Disturbed, Fozzy, Rammstein, a little Mudvayne, and a whole lotta other stuff. I listen to alot but I can't list them all here, too much to list. But you have the general feeling that I listen to rap and metal/rock.

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    I like to listen to music while I am checking the IDS logs and alerts or if I'm just surfin' the net doing some research or whatever I'm doing. It helps the time go by pleasantly. Lately, I have been listening to Bob Marley, and other times, I like to listen to Sade - very relaxing - sometimes just what I need amidst the chaos.
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    Hah, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Marco V, Sasha, Digweed, Oakie, Etc.

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    Music is my second hobby, so I'm in to everything. One day I could be listening to some hard rock, the next I'm pulling out some R&B to hardcore rap. I love music, so there really isn't anything that's out of the realm for myself. But I most certainly have to have some form of music cranking while working, that's a given...
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    KISS, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith..... I'm pretty much a classic rock kind of guy.

    I also like to fire up Zapping (a Linux TV tuner app) and watch a little Doctor Who in the background.
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    Classic rock and heavy metal. Loud very loud! Keeps my attention focused on what I'm doing. Improves my concentration although that seems like it would be the opposite, it is what works for me.

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    well for general computer use i listen to a little bit of everything but when im coding its ussually to trance or jungle
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