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Thread: The AntiPoints Expose

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    The AntiPoints Expose

    brought to you by cmnoop.

    Now I am here to expose to the newbies among you at the cost of all my AntiPoints the many structured alliances among the larger older members here at antionline. They use their points to ban members who irratate them without allowing them to redeem themselves. They also use their points to make sure they are the most respected members of the community.

    A good example is Ac1dspectrum. A senior member he has contributed widely to AO. However he has shown flaws and this has made him attempt to keep respect by forming an alliance with other senior members. I assume these to be antihaxor or perhaps others. Im pretty sure a lot arent involved, cant see NeG, MsMittens or the other mods getting involved with such crap.

    Ac1d has also started a second account called Alex. This I assume to be his real name. It is used to gain points to give to his more respected account. This second phoney account is given good AP by his Ac1d account and other members of the alliance in exchange for Antipoints.

    Now please I am sacrificing my entire AP collection here to help you all out and show who are the phoneys. Please keep this post alive, do not be afraid to show your real opinions online.

    Stand up for yourself newbies and seniors alike!!!

    Thank you for reading, I expect to be negged until Im banned sadly.


    Oh thanks to JC Hosting Admin and others on IRC for the info, I log on as a guest so as to go unnoticed.

    are u sure about this ? how did u get all u r antipoints ? reply in post plz
    To the person who gave me AP's [possies] I will say I got them the way everyone does by posting good info. Mind you this was about 6 months ago.

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    I think you are way out of line picking on 1 perticular member!!

    It takes more than 4 or 8 senior members to vote somebody out..

    A-S i feel gives points out on how he feels about the post he read...Is that not how the system works??

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    If you think he does you might want to think about him a little more and his actions.

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    yeah, I got a second account..... Who the **** are you to judge me on it.... And do you know why the **** I got a second account? You think its just so I can be more resprected? **** that! I didnt want all of the ****ing people I know asking me for greenies, All the people in IRC supposedly look up to me when I did close to nothing on AO, I wanted a new account so I could change that.... So to you I say go **** yourself

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    Personally, I don't see the point of all these "AntiPoint Alliances" its just abuse of the system. I'm not saying that anyone is, or is not, involved in such pointless exercises, but I will definitely say that I fight my own battles without the help of an army of people. Diplomacy is not of interest to me, I dislike the AntiPoint system, but I live with it, and I am getting sick to death of seeing all of these whining complaints and thousands of posts about AntiPoints. Just give it a rest will ya? No one cares.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    (The Lord Of The Rings)

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    Black-Mage21 Whole-Heartly Agrees With Rewandythal
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    Abuse should be reported to JP.
    Two kids fighting about stupid **** should be reported to the kindergarten headmaster.
    Threads whining about antipoints should be closed.

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